Meet The Contestant – Rob Mariano

Survivor Redemption Island Rob MarianoIf you’re a Survivor fan, you probably don’t need any introduction to this guy, Rob Mariano “Boston Rob”, who is a whore to the game of reality TV.   Or pretty soon to be known as “Always a bridesmaid, but married to a bride” Rob.    Here is his list of reality shows:

Survivor: Marquesas – 2002 – (finished: 10th place)
The Player – 2004 (failed reality show)
Survivor: All-Stars – 2004 – (finished: 2nd to his future wife Ambahhh)
Rob and Amber Get Married – 2005 (show about their wedding)
The Amazing Race 7 – 2005 – (finished: 2nd with his wife Ambahhh)
The Amazing Race 11 – 2007 – (finished 8th with his wife Ambahhh)
Rob and Amber: Against The Odds – 2007 (scripted reality-drama)
Survivor: Heroes vs Villains – 2010 – (finished: 13th)
Survivor: Redemption Island – 2011 – (finished: ???)

He has had 5 more shots at winning a huge prize than most other reality contestants, and has finished 2nd twice, but he still gets to home to his million dollar wife, Ambahhh. Don’t cry over his losses, however.  Over the course of his reality show career, I’m guessing Rob has picked up quite a bit of his own money.  He’s won cars, won $250k for finishing 2nd in All-Stars, and I’m sure he and his wife got a nice little check for their other reality adventures.   Even if Rob gets voted out in the first 2-3 weeks, I’m willing to bet he’s still going home to a 7 figure bank account.

That leads me to my prediction for this season.   If you’re a huge Boston Rob fan,  I’d pick up the Survivor: All Stars DVD because I don’t think you’ll be seeing him very long this season.   Why?  Is he a shitty player?  No, far from that.  I actually think Rob is one of the better Survivor players to have played the game, despite the losses.    The fact that he’s playing against a bunch of rookie players means he’s going to have an instant target on his back, and he’ll likely be one of the first voted out.   His only hope is if they get starstruck, make him a leader, and keep him around for awhile, but he’ll still have a target the entire game, so I doubt he’ll make merge even if he can last a few weeks.

It’s too bad they put a Rob vs Russell situation with a bunch of rookie players who know all about those two players.  It’s really unfair to put them back in the game like that.  They should have done something like  Survivor: Rob vs Russell, and allowed them to pick their own teams from past cast members, as well as give them each individual immunity for the first 2-3 tribal councils because they’re “leaders”.

I think the fact that there really hasn’t been a whole lot of hype surrounding this Rob vs Russell situation, even during the reunion show last season when Jeff conveniently stood between the two while announcing this season, means it’s going to be a very anti-climactic return for both.   Hopefully I’m wrong, I like both players and would love to see them in the final two.

Survivor begins this Wed, hopefully we’ll still be blogging about Rob next Wed.


  1. Erica says:

    I love Boston Rob but I think you are right, he will have a target on him from the first day. I keep hoping he will win one so he can move on. 🙂

  2. Dan says:

    Well, you sure blew this one !! Rob will be lol all the way to the bank !! He played outstanding and when it comes to stratagies, everyone must learn from the best.. And as far as Russell… Did you see him cry like a school girl? What a little b*tch !!

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