Meet The Contestant – Mike Chiesl

Show: Survivor Redemption Island
Contestant:  Mike Chiesl
Age: 31
Tribe: Zapatera

Survivor Redemption Island Mike Chiesl

I just realized Survivor is on in under a week from now, and I’m just barely halfway through the ‘meet the contestants’, so I’m going to be a bit more brief and rushed on them so I can get them all out, especially in time so I can talk  a little about the final two I do.

This is Mike Chiesl, he’s a former Marine and of course from California, like about 75% of the other contestants.   This guy looks like a bad-ass, and possibly is, but that could rub people the wrong way.    If he can go in, stay leader-ish, but not assume leader role, he has a good shot of going pretty far.  As soon as he tries to step forward and take charge, he better hope he has an alliance behind him.

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  1. M. says:

    At first, I didn’t like him much because he seemed cocky to me but after the merge he really showed a smart side of him, now I totally like him! 😀 + he’s an eye candy for sure!

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