Meet The Contestant – Matt Elrod

Show: Survivor Redemption Island
Contestant:  Matt Elrod
Age: 22
Tribe: Ometepe

Survivor Redemption Island Matt Elrod

Meet Matt Elrod, a 22 year old pre-med student from Nashville, Tennessee, who’s personal claim to fame is his decision to lead his own life.  Wtf does that mean?    I can see he’s trying to be the mysterious one on the show, and it shows by giving very vague answers on his bio, but come on, bro.  Don’t just give random answers to try and sound deep.

He claims he resembles anyone who has played the game with honesty and integrity (exactly who has that been?), yet he’s on the same tribe as Kristina Kell who says people are idiots if they don’t lie and manipulate.  This should make for interesting tribe chemistry, at least until one of them gets the boot.   I say it’ll be Kristina Kell first, but if he’s going to try and play the game as a saint, he has to either come off as completely harmless like Fabio did, or he’s also going to be gone relatively early as well.

Matt Elrod Display Photo Survivor Redemption Island

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