Meet The Contestant – Kristina Kell

Show: Survivor Redemption Island
Contestant:  Kristina Kell
Age: 46
Tribe: Ometepe

Survivor Redemption Island Kristina KellKristina Kell is a 46 year old law student from California, and the second “KK” in a row for me to preview (the other being beauty queen Krista Klumpp).   Why is this significant?  It’s not at all, in fact it’s probably the least useful information you can gain about Kristina, but there really isn’t a whole lot to go on, so I’m just grasping for straws.

I do know she has an autistic child, which she puts on her profile, but even that isn’t noteworthy because a lot of people have autistic children.

One interesting part about her is she says “if you don’t know lying and manipulating are part of the game, you’re an idiot” on her bio, but if that was a practice run for the game, she’s already failed and will be a quick exit.   Part of manipulating is actually being able to convince someone to like you even more after they found out you were lying, and you don’t do that by calling them an idiot.   I get the “I want to be blunt” attitude with that statement, but that shit doesn’t work on other people who are also lying and trying to manipulate you.

After the jump are a few more photos of Kristina Kell

Kristina Kell Photokristina kell headshot

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