The Hidden Immunity Idol Is … Somewhere!

I don’t know what’s worse in a competition, pure quitters like NaOnka and Kelly Purple, or people who throw challenges.   In the game of Survivor, I’d have to say those who throw challenges for a few reasons.  Every season, the “recruited” to “applied” ratio is getting more and more in favor of the recruited – those who were approached by Survivor producers to be on the show for ratings.   Kelly Purple is an example of someone who was recruited – most likely due to her very strong personality (sarcasm alert) – so it’s no wonder she bailed when it started getting rough on her.  She went to get publicity to help her modeling career, mission accomplished, so it was time to stop the torture and leave the game.  You can blame the producers for a quitter more than the quitter, especially in the case of a recruit.

Those who throw a challenge though, it’s hard to forgive in this game, especially this early in.  Anyone who has seen more than 5 minutes of the shows 1 million seasons knows things can turn really quickly, and one thing you don’t want to do is willingly hand over numbers because someone makes you a sad panda in camp.   When you factor in it’s been like a week since the show started and only 2 people have been voted out, those on Zapatera are a bunch of dumb shits so far.

Before I keep going off on that, other stuff did happen this episode, including the first person officially eliminated from the game, which is weird to see on the 3rd episode, but I kind of like it so far.   Matt and Franchesqua were set to “duel” on Redemption Island (which doesn’t appear to actually be an island), and the loser will be sent home for good,  with the winner living another day.   Both tribes had two people randomly selected to go witness the first challenge for some reason.  Andrea was one of those chosen which made her happy allowing her to see her new bff/boyfriend (that she’s known a week) at least one last time before he’s sent back to the real world.  This also gave her a chance to let him know she didn’t vote for him, just in case he made it back she can have a good alliance… as if that were ever in doubt.

Nice stick!

The “duel” consisted of sticks, fences and keys, sounds like it could be exciting, right?  Meh…   Both players were given a few sticks and some string, and they had to make a “jailhouse exit” like you seen in countless cartoons and sitcoms over the years.   Tie a few sticks together, reach through a fence and bring the key back, then “break out” of jail.  All they were missing was a sleeping guard with bubbles over his head showing us his dreams.

Franchesqua got a very quick start, snagging her first two keys and nearly snagging the third before she had a stick malfunction.  This gave Andrea’s boyfriend Matt a chance to get his stick together and snag all his keys to have his jailbreak, giving him the freedom to sleep on the ground for another night.

Quick note:  After the duel, Steve decided to tell Russell that Franchesqua won (although he called her the black girl), and this was because, why?  Did he really think knowing Matt was there would make any difference at all?

Ok, Back to team shit for brains – Zapatera – where the entire episode focused around them for the most part.  Due to Russell being a big meanie, the 6 players not named Russell, Stephanie or Krista decided it would be a great idea to throw the next challenge so they can vote him out.    It’s always a great idea to have a 6 person alliance, those are usually rock solid in this game…  I have to say though, it’s impressive Russell had them so scared they were willing to risk winning it all, plus give up on the reward of luxury, just to get him out.   Most people would have just waited until the first time they legitimately lost, and used those same numbers to do the same plan they had.  Unless of course they felt someone would flip before then, but that isn’t saying a lot about their alliance now, is it?

This puzzle is complex!

Challenge time came, and it was painfully obvious they were throwing, especially with Dave just standing there staring at the puzzle like a 2 year old trying to decipher hieroglyphics.  It was the type of sliding puzzle I used to solve at 10 years old, yet he didn’t even try moving any pieces around to at least fake it.   I respect Russell as a player, and to see people deliberately throwing a challenge is like going at the knees of a star QB trying to injure them because you can’t beat them.    As a Patriots fan, I’d rather them lose to the Colts than purposely injure a guy like Manning to win.. and that’s what we saw last night.

Knowing they may split the votes, all they needed was one of the six to flip, so Russell targeted the most likely to do so, Julie.   She seemed like the only one of them with half a brain, (and some integrity) knowing that 6 people will end up resulting in major backstabbing and blindsides later in the game, and a 4 person alliance with a guy like Russell may be the only chance to see the end game.   She seemed very receptive, and whether you rooted for Russell or not, it would have been great to see a group so arrogant and have it blow up in their face.

Tribal council came, and Russell called them out on the thrown challenge, which set Stephanie off tearing them a new one which they deserved.. although it bordered pathetic when she started defending Russell like you’d see a 14 year old girl defend Justin Bieber’s horrible music.    That’s Russell for you though, he may not have Rob’s charisma, but he has something that makes his allies fiercely loyal to him, which would have been yet another sign to Julie that her chances to going to the final 4 greatly increased by siding with him.

Voting time came, and in a semi-shock, people actually stuck to what they said, and it resulted in a 3-way tie between Stephanie, Russell and Ralph.   In a tiebreaker, those three cannot vote, and the remaining people must re-vote, but only vote for one of those three.  Needless to say, Russell was easily voted out at that point, with Julie smiling the whole time.

I’m sure people will disagree with me because Russell isn’t well liked, but the move was pathetic and I’m hoping each one of those who threw the competition get voted out.  I’m going to enjoy watching the future blindsides and back-stabs, that’s for sure.

Next week, it’s Russell vs Andrea’s Boyfriend in the “Redemption Area In The Jungle”

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