It’s Family Day On Survivor

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Towards the end of every season on Survivor, there is always the episode where family comes in and they find a way to mention the cell phone sponsor about 20 times throughout the process, and that was essentially the episode last night in a nutshell.

Both the regular tribe and the redemption island crew were each handed a phone to watch videos of their families, then it told them to go watch the four person duel (which doesn’t make much sense, btw).  I was originally expecting two people to get the boot this challenge, but instead it was the winner go to see their family member, loser went home, and the other two were safe.  The challenge consisted of breaking tiles (of course!), which Mike won and Steve lost making him officially eliminated from the game and on the Jury.

Then came the tough part.. Mike was given three choices as the winner.  He could either spend time with his mother, let Ralph and Matt spend time with their family, or pass it off for the remaining six active members.  Surprisingly, he chose to give the remaining six a chance to see their family, solidifying his role as a genuine good guy in the game.  He didn’t have to do that, as Ralph pointed out by the end of the game, most of the jury will be Zapatera members and will likely vote for their tribe if one makes it to the final three.  As a side note, that annoys me because he is probably right.  A guy like Ralph can talk a huge game early on then do basically nothing once Russell was voted out, coast through the game, then redemption island after being voted out of the game, yet still have a chance to win.   If anyone from redemption island deserves to win, it’s Matt, and that pains me to say it because he’s terribly annoying.  You just can’t deny him winning week after week to stay in the game, and not burning any bridges in the process.

With that out of the way, the remaining six went back to their tribe with their families, and that brings up yet another point.. why was their chance to see their family members left in the hands of a redemption island member?   Those are the guys who are on the brink of being eliminated from the game, yet they hold power over those still in it?  The only reasoning I can think of is that it puts weight to the ‘be careful who you vote out’ theory, but that reason still doesn’t convince me it was the right thing to do.   Even Jeff said he thought there was a less than 0% chance of Mike choosing the remaining six, so he expected them to be punished for remaining in the game?  Not real fair there.

Survivor large staircase

That's A Lot Of Steps

On to the challenge which actually looked like a brutal one for once.  According to Jeff, it was 110 degrees out, and each contestant basically had to run up and down a large set of stairs numerous times putting a board into each slot, assuming it fits.  If it doesn’t, you need to get a new board and try again.  Sounds simple, but in the heat, that can get exhausting very quickly.   Rob was able to pull off the victory, then nearly passed out at the top, though with him you never can tell how much of that was for show.  Remember last time he was on the show, he passed out in the woods randomly?  Regardless, it worked, and he got the sympathy from the rest of his tribe, to the point of Ashley on her knees shaving him like he was the Godfather.

Godfather Rob

And now the moment we’ve been waiting for, to see how this once united tribe would feast on each other now that nobody was left to vote out.  It was going to be a knockout blood bath with back stabs left and right, blindsides like you read about, and completely shocking moments.  Oh wait, that didn’t happen.   Rob simply decided it was Andrea’s turn to go, and despite some last minute second guessing about Phillip, that’s exactly what happened.   Andrea was a bit shocked by it, but she should have saw it coming a mile away.    She has always been right near the bottom of that ‘totem pole’ near Phillip, yet there was absolutely no reason for her to remain in the game.  Phillip at least has the ‘hated’ thing going for him, but Andrea was always super nice to everyone on both tribes which made her the most expendable.

Who will go next week?  This is a tougher one to predict, but if the tribe doesn’t work to blindside Rob, I think the order will be Grant then Ashley, and whoever comes back from redemption island will be pegged off as soon as they get back.  However, I am beginning to wonder if this whole redemption island thing may be a ticket into the final 3, and if that is the case, that will probably ruin the season for me.   One tribe systematically destroyed another tribe, and they get to be rewarded by facing one of those people in the final 3 with a jury full of angry people?  We will see where it goes though.


  1. BR0ADSW0RD says:


    “However, I am beginning to wonder if this whole redemption island thing may be a ticket into the final 3, and if that is the case, that will probably ruin the season for me.”

    I never thought of that… AND that would major SUCK since Matt is just a little b***h. He probably would win too. It’s god’s will for me to compete for a million dollars waah waah waah.

  2. stevebeans says:

    Yea Matt is really getting on my nerves. He’s basically the Kelly Purple and NaOnka of this season except he physically won’t quit because he likes the platform to whine on.

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