The Battle Of The Blondes

I don’t know what was more disgusting this week, watching Natalie clip Ashley’s armpit hair, or the entire time Matt and Krista were on screen together  *puke*.  The first part of the episode was the two of the exiles bonding, praying, and chatting.   This was an extremely boring part of the show and making me hate the idea of redemption island even though I like the concept.  Maybe next time, they should try not to vote out someone so boring like Matt early on.   It’s no wonder the non-challenge portion of that segment gets so little airtime, and what little they do show is too much.

The weekly duel was a very easy challenge where both players to had hook three bags using a grappling hook, then open the correct bag containing the ball which is used in one of those mazes you got as a kid.  Trying to steer the ball through a maze without letting it drop into a hole, only on a larger scale.  Krista had a lead on Matt, but despite taking her bible to the island as a luxury item, God clearly liked Matt better and forced her ball to fall through a hole letting him win.   Like those before her, it was a quick one and done stay at redemption island for Krista.

On a side note, at the end, Krista gave Matt her bible because they’re now super best friends, which filled Andrea’s eyes with a jealous rage.  I mean she’s known the guy a week and got all worked up because he made a friend while in exile?   Run far away Matt.

While Andrea wasn’t in a rage-fest over Matt, she was back on the Ometepe side lounging with the other girls Natalie and Ashley, clipping each others armpit and leg hairs and treating the game like it’s a nice vacation.  This of course pissed off the Gorilla, or is it the Lion in Phillip because he’s the one doing all the work around camp.    When he confronted the girls, he targeted Ashley especially and went off on her about collecting wood.    Rob them stepped in and diffused the situation, and all was calm again back in the “Resort of Rob”.

While all this exciting stuff was going on, back on Zapatera, we get to see the fallout from the “wild” tribal council the night before, when Stephanie tried hard to out people and stir some things up before the vote.  This pretty much resulted in Steve crying because he had 2 votes, and still not really understanding the game of Survivor.    Last week he wanted to bring the girls into his alliance making the entire tribe an alliance, and this week he didn’t realize that someone had to receive votes aside Krista.. unless of  course he thought Krista was going to vote for herself, which wouldn’t really shock me.

There was also a little drama because Sarita had a toothache and was telling anyone who would listen about it, which started to rub people the wrong way, David especially.    He is clearly getting sick of Sarita, and considering he’s the smartest person on that tribe, he may have actually started to realize that 6 person alliances crumble sooner than later, especially when there are no more whipping people outside of it.   David got together with Stephanie and basically told her he was on her side and she should kiss ass, and push for a Sarita vote, which was refreshing to see someone thinking ahead more than one week.

Stephanie did just that, and even swallowed her pride and apologized to Steve for playing the game, saying she’d rather have voted Sarita (then why didn’t you?).   Her method was to play the “I’m stronger than her” card, but the reality of the situation was put out there by Steve, which is that neither are very strong, but only one is loyal.   Trying to play the strong card on a team with an ex-Marine, ex-NFL player, and a lumberjack red neck is not an easy challenge.  Here is an idea, how about the 6 person alliance nobody ever talks about?   You had David, all it took was convincing two other people that rolling with 6 is a horrible idea, and a tight 4 had a better shot.

When challenge time came, you’d think Stephanie’s efforts would pay off when Sarita voluntarily sat out without giving it a second thought.   It was an easy challenge too, one player from each tribe used a large slingshot, and shot balls into pairs of players from opposing sides.   Catch the ball, win a point, score 5 and win.  Simple concept, and it turned out to be a simple victory for Ometepe as Grant dominated Mike and caught most of the balls that came his way.

Any decent player would have easily spun the numbers combined with Sarita’s whining and her willingness to sit out of challenges into votes against her, but the “best efforts” by defense attorney David (please never represent me if those are your best efforts) and Stephanie were for nothing except to likely put David on the chopping block next.   Stephanie was voted out, and David couldn’t convince the get-along-gang to split up at all.

Hmm, maybe they are the tight 4 person alliance (minus Sarita) that I mentioned above, and the editors just made it seem like they’re one large happy group.  If that’s the case, Julie, Mike, Steve and Ralph are doing a great job not only masking that from David and Sarita, but also the cameras.   That can be a real threat at the merge if they’re really tight, and not just really dumb.   Only time will tell.

On the bright side, it is still fun to see the team that threw the challenges lose legitimately now, making what was once a comfortable lead completely evaporate.   Just goes to show you, throwing challenges is a bad idea.

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