Always A Bad Sign When You’re The Focus Of An Episode

Andrea and Matt getting close on the islandSo we’re two weeks into the season of Survivor: Redemption Island, and I already think it’s better than the entire least season.   It’s hard for me to say because I’ve actually chatted with quite a few contestants, and many of them were extremely friendly and polite despite the amount of messages I’m sure they received on facebook.    It’s just that last season was doomed from the start because of the horrible tribe setups, it never really found it’s legs.

The redemption island part of this season?  The most hyped up feature of the new season has yet to even have any impact on the game or strategy.    This week featured Francesca going to the island, lighting a fire, and writing in a journal..  easily the most uneventful thing the show has aired in many seasons now, that includes pretty much every moment Dan was on air last season.    You know you’re going to have a good season when you bring Rob and Russell back in the game, period.    And that brings us to this week’s random thoughts about Survivor segment that I just made up now!

  • You know you’re in rough shape when you think being voted out of the game and then spared by a lifeline is the best thing that could happen to your game.
  • Phillip is the craziest, yet most entertaining person on television today.   The way he runs around in his little red undies throwing rocks at crabs and then start crying about how much he loves his country is shit you can’t script.  This guy is losing his mind every minute he’s out there playing this game, and we get to enjoy it unfold… we’re all going to hell!

Phillip doing what Phillip does best, be crazy

  • Russell –  as much as I think he’s a bad-ass in this game – really needs to alter his tactics a little bit.   The whole “find a cute girl or two who you can ally with, search for idols without clues, then try to intimidate anyone who questions you” may be played out by now.    The guy can write a book on how to come in second on Survivor, but sadly for him, it looks like he’s working on his 3rd chapter.. if he even gets that far.
  • Ralph is now trying to out-Russell Russell.  First he finds the idol on his own, then deflects all the attention on to someone else on the tribe, and it may be working.  Sadly for Russell, that attention is being drawn to him, and like I said above, I don’t think he’s going to get lucky this time.

Ralph randomly found the immunity idol

  • One thing you don’t want to do if you’re playing with veterans, form an alliance inside an alliance.  Matt and Andrea got close tonight, telling each other how God brought them together and made them ally with each other, but Rob saw that a mile away and knew that is trouble down the line.   You have to wake up pretty early in the morning to pull some sneaky sub-alliance shit on Rob Mariano.   This guy is a reality show pro.
  • Speaking of Rob, I think this guy would give George Clooney a run for his money when it comes to charisma.   I’ve said in previous posts that I’m also from Boston, and I’ve come across guys like him 100’s times in my life, but apparently being a smooth talker with a Boston accent is one of the greatest strengths you can have when playing a game with people.   Maybe if I were a better talker, I would be nearly winning all these reality shows too … instead of blogging about them.

Natalie looks like someone with a crush

  • Two things I noticed right away about the challenge.  1)  Everyone is wearing bathing suits instead of competing in their underwear… what is this, Survivor season 1?  Oh wait, they’d be naked.   2)  Why is it whenever Jeff tells them to get a look at the new tribe after a vote, there is always someone who sounds shocked to see soandso gone, even if it’s the first vote of the season and they had no clue who the person was.
  • The tiles are BACK! I thought they ran out of tiles in Nicaragua after using so many up during the challenges last year, but they are back, and better than ever!  They were used in 2 of the 3 parts of the immunity challenge tonight.   Mark Brunette has to be related to some random tile shop owner in Nicaragua, right?
  • In the challenge, Russell’s team started off very slow with Sarita looking like this was her first time ever swimming, and Grant nearly diving across the pool to give Rob an early lead, but Stephanie tore through the locks and Ralph was a tile breaking fool!  Yeee-haaaaa!  Russell’s team wins yet again, and for their victory, Matt was kind enough to go over and congratulate the winners.    What is this, little league?

Nice dive, Andrea!

  • Rob decides to not only test his new 4 person inner alliance with voting out Matt, because well.. see above… but he also tests out Phillip to see if he was going to go all psycho again at tribal.   While watching this, I felt like I was watching Rob shoot himself in the head and preparing myself for another wild tribal council in a row, but Rob is far more experienced than “Franchesqua” and Kristina, and handled his new found puppet with kid gloves and it worked… for now.

Although I did give away a few spoilers in my notes, here are far bigger spoilers, so here is your warning..






Rob seen all along that the Matt / Andrea alliance was going to be trouble down the road, and basically searched all episode for a reason to vote one of them out this week to break them up before they become a problem.   When Matt shook the hands of the winner, Rob instantly played off of Grant’s NFL competitive history and it was a breeze to get him and Ashley on with Natalie to split up the pair.   Andrea does not look happy about it next week, but even if she somehow sways Phillip to betray his new best friend Rob, they still don’t have the numbers, or an idol since Kristina played it this week.

Pretty surprising blind-side this week

That being said, large alliances like that which form early seem to eventually hit snags, so as it stands, I don’t think either Rob or Russell are sitting entirely pretty right now.  Rob has the numbers, but he’s going against someone who likely hates him now, another who badly wants him out, and a major loose cannon.   All it takes is one of his alliance to flip and his time is over.

Next week we finally get to see someone actually go home, and we know it’ll definitely be at least Francesca or Matt.    My money is on Francesca being the first to go.

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