Tyrone’s Facial Expressions Taking You Into Survivor Tonight!


Yay!  It’s Wednesday, and you know what that means??  Survivor Night!!! Well, Survivor, Hell’s Kitchen, Modern Family, and Criminal Minds, plus a Teen Mom blog entry from Melinda (she has to wait a day for Hulu, lame).   Man, why did they make Wednesday’s so jammed with shows?   Oh well, it keeps us busy I guess, and keeps everyone entertained with great Tyrone reaction moments!

Seriously, this guy is quickly becoming one of my favorite Survivor cast members ever!  Even Melinda is rooting for him, and she doesn’t watch Survivor.   This season has a really great cast so far, especially since they ditched Shannon, and now they’re left with some really good.   Even Jimmy Johnson, who I thought was going to annoy the shit out of me, has won me over and I’m pulling for him as well.

Kelly Bruno is simply bad ass, almost as much as Claire from Team Watermelon FaceHolly Hoffman is really a nice person even though she came off as a little whacky last episode, and the girls are all hot.  Brenda Lowe is wildly popular,  and could be a long term fan favorite with people.  By the way, I get asked a lot, Brenda’s ethnicity is half Bolivian, half Chinese, and all hot!

So, to get you in the mood for Survivor night, here is more of Tyrone being awesome after the jump




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