Survivor Nicaragua – This Is Me, Just Upset

fabio sad pantsThis blog post is sponsored by Sprint Evo 4G.  Ok, not really, but seeing as last night’s episode was, I may as well get in on the action.  Two times a year they seem to have an episode based around a certain sponsor, one is usually a movie where they theme a challenge around it then send the winners to see a private screening, the second is family night when they even have the cast mention the brand of the phone they’re looking at the photos on.

“Oh wow, look at my family on this new Spring Evo 4G phone.  The clarity is so amazing.”

“Hey guys, did you like the photos of your family on that Spring Evo 4G phone?   Forgot about your family, what did you think of the phone?  It was great, right?”

Of course with family night comes the sobbing, happiness, then pouting and whining if you lose and are not picked by the winner to enjoy the reward.

Sure, Chase promised Fabio at the beginning of the episode that if he won, he would take Sash and Fabio along with him for the reward challenge.  Combined with the former clips of Chase pretty much saying whatever people want to hear then going his own way, we all seen that:

a) Chase was going to win the reward


b) He wasn’t taking Fabio

Fabio was foolish to even get his hopes up when Chase spoke because he’s had no real direction (or spine) the entire game, and has been played by the combo of Brenda then Sash since day 1.

Fabio's Hot Mom

So at family reward challenge, out came Fabio’s pretty hot mom, Holly’s husband, Jane’s daughter, Sash’s mom, Dan’s son, and Chase’s mom.   Like last season, they were incorporated into the challenge with the actual contestants doing most of the work, and the family members putting the finishing touches on it.   Like I mentioned above, we already knew what was going to happen, and it did.  Chase and his mom won, he picked Sash, but then decided to pick Holly instead of his buddy Jane or his promise Fabio.

Fabio then started crying about how he only sees his mother like twice a year because they live in different states, but really, that’s Chase’s fault, why?  Go visit your mother sometime, and you won’t have that problem buddy.   I’m sure others were touched by his emotional outburst, and I felt a bit bad he was yet another person who actually believed Chase, but come on.   Jane too.  Don’t pout when you lose and someone doesn’t carry your ass along on the reward.  You lost, deal with it.

Aside a few choice words to his son, Dan was the only one who didn’t go back to camp and pout like a 5 year old about not being picked.   That was so irritating to watch.  There is only one thing more annoying in Survivor than a sore loser, it’s a sore loser who feels they’re entitled to be carried on the back of the winner.   Yes Jane, I’m sure Chase will be scared to go back to North Carolina because he kept winning challenges but didn’t want to carry your ass along.

After the reward challenge, it was time for more foreshadowing to come true.  Earlier in the episode, Sash said the only problem they would have is if Fabio won immunity, and we all know when someone says that early in an episode, there is about 100% chance that person will nearly win, and about an 80% chance they actually do.   Fabio of course fell in the 80% category which threw a wrench in the plans of the 3 person alliance (Chase, Sash and Holly).    Hmm, now they have to decide between weak Dan who can be disposed of at any moment, or feisty Jane who has proven she can win challenges.  Tough call.. at least for one person, Mr. indecisive Chase.

Every other person in the camp knew Jane had to go home then, but Chase then tried to play the loyalty card, and got all teary eyed when the three of them approached Jane to let her know she was going home.  This had Amanda Kimmel‘s hollow puppy dog eyes written all over it.   People on this show don’t understand, if you’re going to spit in someone’s face and stomp on their dream of a million dollars, don’t flash them puppy dog eyes and pretend it was out of your hands.  The jury called Amanda out on that, and they’ll do the same for Chase.

Jane Pouting About Losing

After hearing the news, Jane goes into mini melt-down mode, and I called it mini because it could have been extremely fun to watch her go batshit crazy on the tribe before she left, but all she did was pour water on the fire and call out Holly during tribal for stealing Dan’s billion dollar shoes.   Jane was sitting on an epic rant that would have rivaled Susan’s “snake” speech from season 1, but she stopped after the Holly thing and just sat there spacing out.

On top of it all, the three non-alliance people are literally just sitting there with their thumbs up their asses hoping suddenly someone will come in and announce that the math world has been changed and 2 is now a greater number than 3.  Even though Chase, Sash and Holly admitted after Jane is being voted off, it’s either Dan or Fabio next, the three of them did absolutely no last minute scrambling to save their asses and just sat there all defeated waiting for their time to come (and it will).  Dummy Jane voted for Sash despite him having a hidden idol, with Dan and Fabio voting with the other three to knock off Jane.

Before the vote, Jeff even basically told the three they’re making a stupid move, but the guy who has hosted 21 seasons of the show wasn’t going to penetrate the thick skulls of Jane, Dan and Fabio, so the results were obvious:

Bye Bye Jane, should have tried harder

Way to go guys.  You had a chance to get an angry Jane on your side, but decided to just ‘wait it out’ and see how things pan out.   I can tell you how they’ll pan out.  Barring any fighting within their alliance, they’re going to do exactly what they said.  If Dan wins immunity (hint: he won’t), Fabio is going home next.   The only chance it won’t be Chase, Holly and Sash in the final 3 is if Fabio wins immunity again, and Dan somehow convinces people he’d be a good person to be in the final 3 with.   Chase may be a dummy and believe him, but reality is, Chase is unlikely to win unless he brings NaOnka and Purple Kelly out of the jury to sit by him.   Sash has a toss-up decision to make because Dan, Holly and Fabio would all be pretty tough to beat in the finals right now.  Dan hasn’t pissed off a soul the entire game, Holly took a serious bullet for the team recently, and Fabio has been against odds all game.

In the end, it all depends on the jury.   Either the majority will be the ‘You outplayed me so I’m bitter’ or ‘You outplayed me so you deserve to win’, it’s hard to tell what type this is right now.   If latter, Sash can win regardless.  If former, avoid Dan or Holly in the final 3.

Don’t forget, the season finale is this SUNDAY, not next Wednesday, so don’t miss it!

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