Survivor Nicaragua – Sash Is More Of A Queen, And I’m More Of A King

Brenda and her court

One thing I enjoy doing while watching reality shows is to try and figure out what the editors left in were either foreshadowing future events, fake foreshadowing to mislead us, or simply laziness where they were going to lead us to something but forgot.

The tribe covering the fire with wood

This seems like a good idea

Tonight we had a few of those right off the bat.  First was Brenda talking about how she’s running the show, alsocalling Sash a queen (another reference so crazy Shannon’s week 2 rant?).  That’s usually never a good sign, but that early it’s also likely a misleading foreshadow.    However, the very poor editing of Fabio explaining why they covered the fire with their wooden chests was definitely something to watch out for, and sure enough, we found out shortly after the reward challenge.  I think you can already guess it, but I’ll act like a reality show editor and leave you guessing for a few minutes anyway..

Speaking of the Reward Challenge, like usual, about 2 minutes into the show they were already competing.  This time the reward was for a helicopter ride to the top of a volcano where they will then surf down and eat brownies and drink soda.   Oh, and a funny thing happened, last week I mentioned how I’d love it if someone came out and said “No” when Jeff asked if it was worth playing for.  Well, I found out that actually did happen in a much earlier season, I think season 2 according to a friend of mine who watches all the dvd commentary religiously.

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So this challenge was that two teams were given 4 barrels, 2 planks, and 1 ten foot rope in which they could use to get down the course to the finish line.   Why the rope?  My initial guess was that they can just hogtie Dan and carry him along when he started complaining about his knees.   I don’t think the teams knew what to do with it, or even all 4 barrels.    Teams were separated randomly and the results were Chase, Kelly, Jane, NaOnka and Fabio in one group, and Benry, Sash, Brenda Lowe, Holly, and Teflon Dan in the other group.

Dan struggling through the reward challenge

Watch out Dan, the rope is ready

Right away Chase’s group got off to a very fast start and didn’t look back.  They used just 3 of the barrels and cruised right through, while Dan looked like he was going to fall down and start crying because of the knee pain he was in.  That guy is in some rough shape, but you have to give him credit for not giving up, which is very easy to do with his money already.   Once Benry’s team fell down, it was smooth sailing for Chase and crew to race to the finish line and start preparing for their feast of brownies and soda!  My type of feast!

As those five went off to enjoy their reward, it was finally time to find out what the poor editing and dramatic previews from last week meant…..


The camp is burning down

I guess it wasn't a good idea

That’s right, little did anyone apparently realize, when you surround a fire with 3 wooden chests, and cover it with wooden planks, then walk away for a few hours, there is a pretty good chance you’re going to come back to a nice pile of ash.  And you gotta love how the cameramen who remained in camp just decided to film it burn and not help out one bit.    I don’t think I could ever do that type of job,  I mean who does that?  I know they’ll get fired if they intervene but man that has to be painful to watch as a starving crews food is just burnt away in front of you and all you could do is film it.

I bet the tribe was wishing NaOnka would come out of nowhere with some more flour she buried, but it didn’t happen.  At least we know why she did it though, she was protecting the food!

NaOnka and Jane talk of getting rid of Brenda Lowe

NaOnka on her get rid of Brenda campaign

As the show continued, more and more talk took place of Brenda going home, and surprisingly it was lead by NaOnka once Holly put the suggestion out there.   She went to pretty much every person except Brenda and told them the plan, including Sash.   She was on some type of mission, and her determination and early foreshadowing was definitely leading to a shocking ending we didn’t see coming at all.. was it?  Again, theme of this blog is the tease, so you’ll have to wait (assuming you didn’t see the episode, then you already know and it’s a very weak tease)

After a nice little reward by the fab five, including Jane sledding down a volcano on a board and more chatter of Brenda going home, it was time to return to camp and see their reaction to not really having a camp.  Oh wait, that didn’t happen.   All we got out of that crew was (again) more foreshadowing by saying stuff like “I wonder how things are going in camp”.. here is a clue, it’s very hot.   Also, we did get a little funny part where Chase pointed out how Kelly never speaks, so at least we know why she’s never on camera.   I thought she was just edited out, but apparently she’s the most boring contestant the show has seen in many years now.

Kelly purple never talks

Understatement of the season

Some more back and forth went on about who should go that night, and a shocking discovery was made by the tribe, that Chase is a little too loyal to Brenda.  He’s been that way since day 1 (or day 2 as Benry said it), and some sweet little southern lady wasn’t about to suddenly change his opinion on the hot former professional cheerleader who showed a bit of interest in him.   So naturally when he got word of the plan to vote Brenda, he ran right to her and let her know, so she can do pretty much nothing to earn votes or switch people back.

Immunity Challenge

Off to the immunity challenge we go, where it was another endurance test.  This time the tribe must hold on their own own rope while leaning back over a pool of water.  If you let go of the rope, you’re done.  Every so often, you have to get lower and lower on the rope until you’re at the end and then the last person hanging wins.   It seemed like a challenge that would last for hours…

The immunity challenge begin

Let the challenge begin...

… seemed like it is the key word.

Jane won the challenge

..and end almost as quickly

Benry screaming during the challenge

Benry is kind of scary here

On the first set of knots, Sash, Kelly, Holly, Brenda, Dan, Fabio and Dan couldn’t last and fell in that order leaving just Benry, Jane and Chase to go down a notch on the rope.  Benry didn’t last long after that and it was between Chase and Jane, who almost gave up when Chase told her he could go on for a long time.   Of course, she didn’t give up and not shockingly Chase fell in the water shortly after making Jane the winner of immunity.

Back to camp they went with more plotting and planning on the big Brenda Lowe vote that was set to happen that evening.   You’d think she really was the queen of the tribe they way they were so terrified of voting for her, so the entire time spent between the challenge and tribal were everyone agreeing with each other that they had to vote Brenda, like they were testing to make sure it was really going to happen.

Tribal Council

In what was set to be an interesting tribal council, with the stragglers going up against the once powerful alliance, and a betraying member leading the charge, it actually turned out to be a snoozer with Brenda basically saying all types of weird things to Jeff before he awkwardly asked Kelly Shinn if she had any wise words learned in her 20 years.  She gave him some answer that looked to have everyone, including Jeff confused so much that I’m sure he made his mental note to not ask her any other questions, ever.    When she was speaking, all I could think about was the final episode where she’s going to ask the final 3 a question, I can’t wait to hear what it is.

Kelly purple's wheels are turning

Kelly's wheels are turning!

Back to Brenda the conversation went again, and there she went again talking herself into a corner.  What she failed to say was that while it was certainly smart of Dan, Benry and Holly to want her out of the game, it wasn’t a great move for Nay this early because Brenda and Sash were still protecting her from the food scandal a few weeks back.  With a solid five, they had the numbers to run it to the end, but NaOnka was very persistent about the Brenda vote, so it was essentially up to Sash to save her with the immunity idol.

Did he?

spoilers below


Brenda is out of the game

Ouch is right; You were in my finals

Brenda Lowe was the 11th person voted out and 3rd member of the jury

Turns out the this was a fake mislead through the entire episode where they make it seem so obvious that you expect someone else to be blindsided, but didn’t happen.  I call it the ole double reverse fakearoo.  Anyway, will this move cost NaOnka a shot at a million dollars?  Looks like we’ll find out next week as the tribe is already turning on her based on the previews.

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