Survivor – Nah Man, All I’ve Heard Of Is Bobby Fischer

Fabio JudsonI’m going to start off by saying that Judson (aka Fabio) is quickly becoming one of my favorite cast members all-time, and I hope he stays along all season.  I know that’s probably the kiss of death for a contestant, but there, I put it out there.  Sorry, Jud.

But I mean this guy is serious comedic gold, I want to take around a mini Fabio in my pocket and pull him out to just tell me random things through the day.  That would be awesome!

Ok, enough about Judson, there was an episode of Survivor: Nicaragua this week and it was a pretty exciting one with two evictions…

However, before we get to the evictions, we must get to the weekly complaining about the weather, and this week it’s by Dan Lembo.   Last week NaOnka, this week Dan, do people forget what they signed up for?  Were they thinking they were applying for Big Brother but it was secretly a Survivor application?  I mean, come on guys.   Watch a season before you come on and you’ll see that if you want to stay outside in the rain forest for over a month,  you’re going to deal with the occasional bout of nasty weather.

Yve's Game Face

About 10 minutes into the episode, we had the immunity challenge, which was surprising at first only to find out it’s because in this challenge, 2 individual immunity idols will go out (one for each tribe), and both tribes will go to tribal that night.   Oh, and a nice twist, the overall winner of the competition gets a huge meal to eat during the opposing teams tribal council… ouch.

This competition required each member to run into a little predetermined square and dig up loops of rope with wooden oars.  They then have to flip the rope up in the air and toss the rope loop into the portable toilet they’re carrying on their back.   The first person to find all three loops wins immunity, and the two winners square off in a game of ring toss for the reward challenge.

Here are some random thoughts through the challenge

Kelly Shinn not talking again

Why Won't You Talk??

  • Kelly Shinn never has any speaking roles, ever.  Is she the least quote-worthy player this game has ever seen?
  • Dan sat around the entire challenge with a rope around his oar trying to fling it over his back into his toilet.  He was unsuccessful at almost the least physical challenge they’ve had all season.
  • Espada even lost the rock paper scissors and were forced to go first.  This team really cannot win a thing, they’re cursed.
  • With Espada going against themselves, someone had to win, and it was Holly Hoffman in a close battle with Benry and Alina
Alina Toilet On her butt

Alina, You Have A Toilet On Your Butt

  • LaFlor had a much better start to their challenge with every member minus Kelly Shinn to land a rope right away (even Jane!)
  • In a battle between Marty, Jill, and Kelly Bruno, Jill walked away with the immunity idol, making an older winner on each tribe (shocker)
  • However, in the ring toss game, Jill got the LaFlor luck and won 3-2 over Holly giving them a nice feast that night.
LaFlor winning their challenge again

LaFlor Winning Again

Kelly Bruno and Marty wonder and wait

Kelly Doesn't Know What She's In For

Now that the challenge is over, the planning and plotting can begin on each side.   On the LaFlor side, you had Brenda Lowe and Sash trying to work out a plan that will send either Marty or Kelly Bruno home, and making it well known .. again .. that Kelly B is a huge threat in the game due to the sympathy vote.  I think Kelly Bruno seems like an awesome person who had to bust her ass her whole life to get where she’s at, but on this one, Brenda is exactly right.   You put her in the final 3, you’re losing, plain and simple.  Every other member knows this, so it was only a matter of time till Kelly got the target.

Marty Telling Fabio He's a Chess Master

I Am A Chess Master!

Marty on the other hand, he had a few tricks up his sleeve, and he knew exactly where to turn.. Mr Fabio.   He let’s Jud in on a little secret that he hasn’t told anyone in the game yet… that he’s a Grand Master in Chess and has beaten Guillermo Vilas in a bunch of matches when they were younger.  Little does Fabio know, Vilas was a professional tennis player, not chess.  It was still a good attempt though because if there is one weak link in the LaFlor tribe, it’s Judson, so if he can get that vote for him, it may be able to save his ass till merger.

On the Espada tribe, Holly was extremely bummed despite losing, and you can’t really blame her.  She was one solid toss away from a nice feast that night, but it’s back to rice and sea urchins for that tribe.  You gotta feel bad for them at this point, especially the original Espada like Holly, Yve and Dan who have seen nothing but losses since joining the game.  At least Marty, Jill and Jane got a taste of the good life before they’re picked off by the youngins.

Yve talking to naonka and alina about staying in

Yve Trying To Stay In

They still have a game to play and it doesn’t take long to see that Dan and Yve Rojas are on the chopping block, so both are going around campaigning to stay in the game.  By campaigning I mean Dan is bragging about his Range Rover and Ferrari at home while Yve is pleading with people to stay in the game.   However, in her pleas, she makes a serious mistake by basically telling Alina that she’s very tight with Marty and Jill and can give them good info if they merge.    At this point in the game, the original LaFlor has such numbers it really won’t matter how much info Yve knows about Marty and Jill come merge because they’re going to be pegged off right away.

LaFlor Tribal Council

LaFlor has kept one thing consistent so far this game, when they go to Tribal Council, they keep things interesting.  First time they went, Shannon went off on everyone, asked Sash if he were gay, and said he wasn’t a fan of all the gay people in NYC.

Brenda Lowe Calling Out Marty

Brenda Calling Out Marty

This time, it was the battle of Marty vs Brenda. It started right away when Brenda called out Marty for the initial idol announcement when they came over, saying that Marty did that as a sign of power, not as a sign of good gesture.    Then, to slam him while he was down, she then spun the Jane situation completely around on Marty.    Earlier in the day, Brenda told Marty they were all voting for Jane, so Marty agreed and his plan was to get rid of her, but then Brenda made it seem like the entire idea was Marty’s and he was gunning for his old teammate.

Marty trying to get people to vote brenda lowe

Last Effort By Marty?

In a bit of rage, Marty tries to tell Jane at the last season to vote for Brenda, but he doesn’t realize that Jane is also chillin in Brenda’s pocket with Sash, NaOnka, and Chase, so it was a good last second effort, but didn’t work.

For the first time shown this season, Jeff finally asked if anyone has the immunity idol to play, but Marty chose not to do so.  Probably a wise move since, like he said earlier, using it at this stage will buy him a week.

So the votes are in, and… .




We have a tie!  Brenda 2 – Marty 3 – Kelly Bruno 3

Off to a re-vote, this time Marty and Kelly can’t vote, and the rest can only vote for one of those two.

And after the re-vote, the 6th person voted off Survivor: Nicaragua is:

Kelly Bruno Voted Off Survivor

Sorry to see you go, Kelly 🙁

Kelly Bruno



Espada Tribal Council

Ok, with one vote down, we had one to go.    This tribal council, like all the other Espada council’s wasn’t nearly as entertaining as the LaFlor version, but maybe practice makes perfect?

Yve and Dan at tribal council

Yve and Dan at Tribal

It was essentially more of a continuation of camp with the Dan – Yve debate going back and forth, and the biggest thing to come out of the tribal council was that Dan called Yve arrogant.  Yes, the person bragging about having a Ferrari called Yve arrogant.   Yve made some last minute plea’s to the rest of the tribe before they went off to vote… but….

The 7th person voted off of Survivor: Nicaragua is:






Yve Rojas voted off Survivor

Another One Of My Favorites Gone 🙁 Two In Same Week, Boo!

Yve Rojas

.. And for your viewing pleasure, the complete gallery of this weeks episode:

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