Survivor – He Just Went With His Little Emotions

Brenda Lowe Chase Naonka talk on beachThis season has been about random alliances forming and dropping faster than Linsday Lohan spending time out of rehab, so it’s no surprise this week had more of that, more of Marty vs Jane and more of Brenda and Sash just showing who exactly is running the game.   Alina once said that you keep the pawns and use them, but not if you’re both queens (and this isn’t a shot at Sash’s sexual preference, though it probably could be).

Marty fooled Fabio into thinking he was a chess master, and I’m sure Marty thought he was playing some sort of game of chess this season, but the reality is, Brenda and Sash are the ones playing chess, everyone else is playing checkers.

Let’s get right to the action, again this week was about 5 seconds of licking wounds and comforting poor ole Jane after tribal, and it was back to work with the first challenge

Reward Challenge

Kelly Purple Spoke Again!

Kelly Purple Spoke Again!

A shock this week was that Kelly Purple had a few more speaking parts (irrelevant comments, but still shocking), and another was that this challenge was actually going to require physical activity that didn’t even involve breaking tiles!  I felt like I was watching last season’s Survivor for a few minutes, until I didn’t see Rob or Russell walking through the door (next season though! – if rumors are correct).

This challenge was playing for the chance to zip line through some part of Nicaragua, as well as a nice BBQ dinner.. yums!

Teams were split up randomly, and out of the miracle of television, the teams ended up to be all boys vs girls, with Chase the extra.   Don’t cry for Chase, he had his chance to look at the course, see teams had to break through barriers of sticks, then a barrier of bricks, look at Jane, look at the bricks, look at Jane, then choose which side he’ll root for.   If his team wins, he gets reward, so naturally he picks the guys, right?  Nope, he sticks with Brenda, I mean Jane.

This was a relatively close challenge, that is up until the first time the girls hit a wall, literally.   The guys destroyed the bamboo stick wall, while the girls were bouncing off it over and over until Brenda finally gets enough to leap over the top and clear the way for the rest of the girls to pass.  The guys managed to gain a lead on them after that and didn’t look back despite Jeff constantly telling the girls they were still in it.  I guess he didn’t see the two brick walls they had to plow through further down the track, which of course they ended up bouncing off of as the guys finished the race.

women busting through wall to try and win challenge

Foooooooood! Gimme Your BBQ!!!

After the race was over, Jeff decides to see if anyone has gone crazy after being on the beach for this long and asks if anyone is willing to give up their spot to the ladies so they can have a fantastic afternoon sitting on the beach with Jane working on her Marty hex doll.  I think the question of the day is, if Chase did win, would he have given up his spot?  And if so, to who?  A) Brenda B) Holly C) Jane.   I vote Brenda, though probably Jane.

Btw, one of these times when Jeff says “Worth playing for“, I want someone, Fabio perhaps, to just randomly yell “No! Give us something better!”  That would be a classic.

Brenda gives the ole eye roll at 5th grade Chase

Eye Roll At Chase

Ok, back in the camp after that tough challenge, you have Chase following around Brenda like a 5th grader making sure his first girlfriend isn’t mad at him.  That’s clearly getting on Brenda’s nerves, which makes me have to re-think his spot in the power rankings.  He could have a little surprise attack on him as soon as the numbers are more in their favor.

Other than that, there was Marty trying to strategize with people about getting Jane out, and a flush out of the idol from NaOnka at the same time.  It sounded like a good plan actually, but Marty just doesn’t have the numbers, and has a lot of enemies on the girls side.  For some reason, he wasn’t very popular with the ladies of Nicaragua except Jill.   Sash was in on Marty’s plan, or at least he made it seem like he was, which got Marty excited heading into the immunity challenge..

Immunity Challenge

Immunity challenge was gearing up to be a real physical beat down, similar to the reward challenge… just kidding!  It was another boring challenge where Jeff gave them pictures of things, and they had to remember the order of them, like the “simon says” old game with the lights. Easy right?   Think again, it only took 2 rounds to wipe everyone out, and only 1 round to wipe out the majority of people.

Round 1 eliminations: Jane, NaOnka, Dan, Holly, Kelly, Sash

the wheel thay may cost Marty Piombo A Million

A Wheel May Cost You A Million Bucks

Round 2 eliminations: Fabio, Chase, Benry, and… Marty.  This means that Brenda Lowe wins immunity

Brenda Lowe won the immunity challenge

Brenda Knew She Won Right Away

Soooo close to being safe for the night Marty, but it’s back to more wheeling and dealing for you in camp.   First, he confirms his master plan of NaOnka then Jane switcharoo to the guys minus Chase.  Sash runs up to Brenda and talks about the plan, and both decide they want the power in the game and want to say who’s going home, so the final vote will rely on them… just the way they like it.

Tribal Council

Naonka gives marty piombo the middle finger

NaOnka Shows How She Feels

Tribal started off a bit slow, with more of the boring Marty/Jane storyline (get a room already), but one thing that comes out is that Brenda agrees with Marty.  Jane is in fact a threat if she should make it to the final 3, she’s rather take a “troublemaker” like NaOnka (btw, Nay didn’t look too thrilled about that).

Like the Marty/Jane story that won’t die, another story was resurrected.  This time it was flour-gate!  Everyone started getting worked up at NaOnka for hiding the flour, and Marty tried to take advantage of it to give her one more scare into playing the idol.  It was very clear he was over-acting, so it wasn’t a shock when she didn’t play it when Jeff asked.   However, she did get extremely defensive and ripped Marty and Fabio and it looked like they were going to start fighting.  Should be interesting to see next week.

Best part of tribal?  Kelly trying to open the marker at the wrong end.  Seemed so fitting for her this season.

Kelly Purple Struggling to open marker

Hmm Marker Is Confusing

on to the votes and spoilers..

Marty Piombo is sent packing to the Jury

Marty The Tribe Has Spoken

Marty has been sent packing and will be the 2nd member of the Jury

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  1. Megan says:

    Boy was I happy when Marty got voted off, the guy is a db.

    What do you think they were freaking out over in the previews for next week? Dead chickens or a dead animal in camp?

  2. stevebeans says:

    That’s a good question. I’d like to think it was something dramatic, but previews like to hype up stuff. You may be right though, perhaps the chicken died, that’s a good guess. Or all their food got spoiled somehow?

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