Survivor – “Brenda Helped Me Find It, But I Figured It Out”


I normally take a silly quote from the show and attach a header image relating to the quote, but since the quote came from NaOnka for the 2nd week in a row, and she’s been pretty bitchy lately, I don’t feel like giving her a big image on the main screen.    So here is a picture of Kelly Bruno and Alina searching for the idol taking you into the recap of this week’s Survivor: Nicaragua.

Espada Tribe Pre-Challenge

While this week’s trip back to camp wasn’t quite awkward as when LaFlor came back after their massive blow-out, it had more of a somber feel, as you’d expect.  They lost a very influential leader on their tribe and have to sit there listening to JimmyT babbling non stop about how he’d make a great leader but doesn’t want to be a leader, but wants to play a role in the game but doesn’t want to be a leader but would make a great leader.  Confused?  Good.

Yve Listening To JimmyT

Yve listening to Jimmy

JimmyT was confusing as hell this episode, and I wasn’t alone in thinking it.  Just watching the faces of his teammates showed me poor JimmyT is now in over his head and should just take a role Holly did after she had her outburst.  If you don’t remember, Holly went batshit crazy in week 2, but had a talk with Jimmy Johnson, then had this massive turnaround and has been extremely quiet since.    Now, if JimmyT could only have someone like Jimmy Johnson to talk to and calm down, maybe he wouldn’t be going nuts.  Oh wait, he voted him out last week.   Again, bad move.

Yve Getting Blindfolded

Maybe If She Can't See Jimmy He'll Go Away

Not only is their tribe in a mental disarray,  massive amounts of rain washed through Nicaragua over night and basically destroyed the shore for Espada making fishing anything remotely tasty impossible.   Espada is in tough shape and doesn’t seem to have any light at the end of the tunnel, especially with Marty playing the game like Russel Hantz.

Marty decides he hasn’t had enough of JimmyT digging his own grave, so he purposely nominates Tyrone to lead challenges knowing that will drive JimmyT absolutely crazy.  Sure enough, we get to hear him go off.. again.. how he doesn’t want to lead, but thinks he would make a good leader, but just wants a shot, and doesn’t want to lead.   Relax Jimmy.

The girls grab tree mail which gives them a blindfold to clue them in on that days challenge.   They take the smart route and spend the afternoon practicing, and that was approved by JimmyT.

If we get all used to these directions, when you give the directions, we’ll know exactly what you mean” – JimmyT.

Marty Piombo Listening

Marty Looking Motivated After Jimmy's Statement

Good pep talk, Jimmy.   Coach Johnson couldn’t have said it any better.   I’m pretty sure he used a speech similar prior to Super Bowl XXVII.   “Hey Troy, I’m giving you guys directions, if you follow these directions, you’ll know exactly what I mean and we’ll beat Buffalo!”

LaFlor Tribe Pre-Challenge


NaOnka Finds Idol

Over on the LaFlor tribe, nobody was losing their mind quite like JimmyT, so it wasn’t as exciting, but it still had it’s moments.   Brenda Lowe went off with the immunity idol clue and figured it out completely by herself, then decided to approach NaOnka and tell her what it meant, and essentially walked her through finding it.  NaOnka of course, using Brenda’s knowledge, easily kicked around some rocks in the general area and found the clue, and being the classy person she is, took full credit for finding it.

Naonka, Kelly Bruno, Alina

NaOnka Telling Kelly She Hates Her

Alina and Kelly Bruno, using some pretty decent detective skills, followed their footprints into the area Brenda was hanging out, and basically found where the clue would have been, but of course it wasn’t there.  NaOnka decides to follow them and harass the girls, sitting them down and letting Kelly have it for..  well, being Kelly?  I honestly have no clue why NaOnka has such a grudge against Kelly Bruno (or should I call her Kelly Blurred from the amount of blurs on her tonight), but apparently Nay hates Kelly and has no problem letting her know it.   Her major plan is to try and get into Kelly’s head so she’ll quit the game.  I’m sorry Nay, but Kelly’s been through a lot more in life than that, I highly doubt you hating her will make her quit.

Kelly Bruno Blurred Boob

The Kelly Blur Episode

Immunity + Reward Challenge

Based on the clues given to the tribes, it wasn’t hard to figure out what challenge this one was.  In tonight’s challenge, 3 pairs of players (tied to each other) will be guided by one person and they’ll pick up 10 items from around the area and drop it on the mat.  When complete, they’ll need to find a key, open 3 locks, and bring a chest back.  First person to do all that, wins.


Nice Rewards

The medallion of power gave a tribe 2 items already on their mat, which based on other challenges, doesn’t seem like that much of an advantage, but after a small huddle, LaFlor decided to use it.   Despite the smaller advantage, the reward of picking 3 items from the group was pretty strong and worth gaining any advantage you can get.

Brenda Lowe and Group

LaFlor discusses the medallion

With Dan and both Kelly’s sitting out for their tribes, Tyrone and Brenda Lowe calling the shots and the rest paired it, they were ready to go!


Teams Getting Ready To Begin

Right away, all three LaFlor pairings found items and brought them back to the mat, in what seemed like seconds.


Watch Your Step, Marty

LaFlor 5 – Espada 0

After each team getting 2 more items, LaFlor gets two more which gives them a sizable advantage at this point.


You Too, Jud

LaFlor 9 – Espada – 2

Making a brief game of it, Espada finds 3 more, but LaFlor finds it’s last one and they’re off to get the chest.  Despite Espada picking up 4 more items, LaFlor drops the chest on the mat, and they win!

LaFlor 10 – Espada 9
LaFlor WINS Immunity and Reward!


The look of pure disappointment

(note: thanks to editing, I only found out they scored 9 during tribal council.  At the time it looked like a 10-5 score, but I guess they found 4 while they were doing the chest)

LaFlor Tribe Post-Challenge

Brenda Lowe and Chase

I don't think this is an even relationship

This entire episode was focused primarily on Espada tribe, so not shockingly the LaFlor side of the show after the challenge was uneventful and boring.   After returning with the goods, Chase looked through the tackle box and found the clue to the hidden immunity idol, and loyally runs right to his partner, Brenda Lowe (who has yet to even tell him about her earlier findings).  They go for a long walk to search for the idol and after some grilling by Brenda, she decides she can finally trust Chase and opens up to him about NaOnka finding the idol.    I feel bad for Chase, he’s putting a lot more into this alliance than he’s getting out of it, but if it takes him to the finals, it’ll be worth it I suppose.

Espada Tribe Post-Challenge


So tasty

Like I said earlier, Espada is in rough shape and it’s not getting any easier.   With their fishing water looking like a mix of diarrhea and rust, the tribe is resorting to sitting in tiny pools of water digging up sea urchins to scoop out for snacks.   Yum!    The whole 2nd half of the show, we got to listen to JimmyT plead his case about the same shit as before, and as much as you’re tired of me saying it, I was tired of hearing it.

Jimmy pulls aside Yve for a makeshift council session, and while she’s super nice, Jimmy Johnson she’s not, so that didn’t seem to help Jimmy.   He left her and still went rambling to anyone who would listen at this point.  Poor guy.   He’s going nuts.    Yve saw right through it and said she has kids, and doesn’t even coddle them that much.

Yve and Marty

Marty working Yve's vote

Marty, sick of Jimmy’s behavior is plotting on getting rid of him, and while I can understand it due to how annoying he’s been, you still have a guy on the team who can’t do challenges on mud – in the rain forest! (That guy being Dan if you didn’t watch the episode).  Despite Dan’s uselessness, Marty, acting like Russell is just thinking about himself and his alliance, and sends Jill to try to convince Tyrone to vote for Jimmy.  We all know how awkward their last conversation went..  but, Jill failed.   In a less awkward moment this time, Marty and Tyrone speak about the players on the tribe and Tyrone ends sitting on the fence between Dan and Jimmy.

Tribal Council

After a long day or two of Jimmy non stop talking about himself, it was finally time to head to tribal council to talk about how things are going, and it didn’t take long to talk about .. JIMMY!  Before that, they did bring up some interesting points.  First, Marty and Tyrone both feel the medallion helped LaFlor win, which even Jeff disagreed.  Quite frankly, they got rocked.  By the time they were heading for the keys, it was 10-5, so without the medallion they still would have had an 8-5 lead.  Jeff also brought up the Dan situation and essentially called him out for being an extremely weak player, who can’t even do challenges on mud, but the players quickly turned their attention back to the fisherman.


Tyrone's advice to Jimmy

Jimmy started getting emotional because he’s clearly losing it out there, he’s way out of his element, and he’s grasping at anything.   He pleads to the tribe that he’ll change and be less of a leader (even though he didn’t want to be a leader), and more of a follower, and Holly actually sided with him and felt a bit bad for him.  How can you not at this point?  Tyrone pleaded with him, had a semi heart-to-heart, and it seemed to be allowing Jimmy to dodge a bullet at the last minute.  Did it work?










no, it didn’t work.


Jimmy T, the tribe has spoken. And so have you.. a lot.

Jimmy T was the 4th person voted off Survivor by a vote of 5-3.  Marty’s alliance of Jill, Dan, Yve, and a lesser extent, Tyrone seem to be the power players on the tribe.   Holly and Jane may be on the outs.  We’ll see.


For Dan

  • Holly
  • Jimmy T
  • Jane

For Jimmy T

  • Dan
  • Marty
  • Tyrone
  • Yve
  • Jill

See you back in Gloucester, Jimmy.