Second Life For Kelly Bruno And Alina?

Kelly Bruno and Alina Walk along beach

Previews for next week’s Survivor: Nicaragua couldn’t be more clear, and an inside source also vaguely confirmed the clue that next week both teams will in fact be dropping their buffs.

Now, obviously this early in the season this isn’t going to be a tribe merge, so the best guess is that the producers realized the Old vs Young isn’t a good scenario when put into action, especially when the younger tribe are all extremely fit, and the older tribe features a guy who can’t play on mud because his knees, a 67 year old man, and a 56 year old lady. Don’t get me wrong, there are some on Espada who can hold their own.  If you stack an older tribe with guys like Tyrone, and women like Holly and Yve who are clearly very fit, while putting a few slobs like myself on the younger tribe, things may have been more balanced.

So, what does this mean for the alliances?  Well, it means a lot since both sides had strong 4+ person alliances ready to dominate and meet at merge.   Marty, Jill, Dan, and a lesser extent, Yve and Tyrone were together and on the LaFlor side, Sash, Chase, NaOnka, Kelly Shinn and Brenda Lowe were just picking off the tribe one by one (if they ever lost).

This puts a big shakeup in the plans of Marty and Brenda who were both leading their alliances, and could put a huge wrench in everything. Kelly Bruno and Alina will certainly get a second life from this, Dan won’t have his alliance to cling to, and others like Holly also get a fresh start.   Of course for the first episode or two, original alliances will try to stick together, but we’ve all seen Survivor before, very few alliances that large stick together for long periods of time.

I have a strong feeling that the Survivor Power Rankings are going to have a big shake-up over this move as well, so keep that page bookmarked and check weekly to see the updates!

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