Teflon Dan Taking You Into Survivor’s Power Rankings

Survivor: Nicaragua Power Rankings

With the merge pending, Dan Lembo finally climbs off the bottom of the list as nobody is going to vote him out now. Who is last now? Is Sash still on top? Find out after the jump

Teflon Dan taking you into the power rankings

The power 4 remain up top with everyone moving up a little bit now that Jane is gone, except Alina and Marty who are likely the next two targets with the merge hitting. NaOnka could also move up a little considering she’s holding an idol very few are even aware of right now. Sash may gain a target on his back, so watch his top spot in the future as he may be dropping.

(last weeks rank – Or their final rank before being evicted)

Name Age RK Notes
Matthew Lenahan 30 1 (1) Power alliance with idol
Brenda Lowe 27 2 (2) Still has a minor target on her back but pretty safe
Chase Rice 24 3 (3) With merge, he’s back with Brenda and Sash
Ben Henry 24 4 (4) No official alliance, but really strong in challenges
Jane Bright 56 5 (8) Like Dan, she’ll be strung along till they’re ready to cut her loose
NaOnka Mixon 27 6 (9) Quietly still has one of the idols
Kelly Shinn 20 7 (11) She does speak! Will it help her?
Holly Hoffman 44 8 (10) Aligned with people who are going back to their originals
Dan Lembo 63 9 (13) It would be foolish to vote him out now
Judson Birza 21 10 (12) He’s floating along, but won’t get very far after merge
Alina Wilson 21 11 (7) She’ll be on the outs again after merge hits
Marty Piombo 48 12 (6) Made a horrible move which will likely lead to his exit
Jill Behm 43 13 (5) Week 7 FAIL
Yve Rojas 41 14 (14) Week 6b FAIL 🙁
Kelly Bruno 26 15 (7) Week 6a FAIL 🙁
Tyrone Davis 42 16 (2) Week 5 FAIL
Jimmy T 48 17 (14) Week 4 FAIL
Jimmy Johnson 67 18 (16) Week 3 FAIL
Shannon Elkins 30 19 (9) Week 2 FAIL!
Wendy Kohlhoff 48 20 Week 1 FAIL!

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