Survivor Power Rankings – Week 05

Survivor: Nicaragua Power Rankings

Ahh just like I expected, some very large changes in the rankings due to the tribal shift, and I have them after the jump to prevent spoilers

So here is a picture of Jane calling Marty and Jill ticks as she goes a bit crazy on us.

Jane playing with ticks

Marty and Jill go up a hill, and show their immunity idol. Jill’s voted out, and Marty’s next, now he’s suicidal

Ok, lame poem, but you get the idea. Marty and Jill are fucked, assuming LaFlor EVER loses, and really most of the former Espada tribe is in bad shape. I can’t put any in the top 5 and I’m not sure how many will be part of the jury. Marty is the closest thing to Russell on this tribe, and he’s the only one who could have pulled off a miracle in staying, but Marty’s just not intimidating (and lucky) enough to be like that.

(last weeks rank – Or their final rank before being evicted)

Name Age RK Notes
Brenda Lowe 27 1 (1) Still up top for Brenda, still controls the strongest alliance
Matthew Lenahan 30 2 (3) Sash was able to stay with Brenda post merge so he’s in good shape
Chase Rice 24 3 (6) No longer with Brenda, but doesn’t matter. Young will still stick till merge
Ben Henry 24 4 (7) May have moved to Espada, but he’s now more of big fish
Alina Wilson 21 5 (12) Alina got a massive second life with this merger
Holly Hoffman 44 6 (9) Holly flipping will buy her some time in the game
Kelly Bruno 26 7 (15) Like Alina, Kelly made out huge from this merge
Jill Behm 43 8 (4) The merge didn’t work out so well for Jill
Marty Piombo 48 9 (5) .. or Marty. Both are against high odds now
Kelly Shinn 20 10 (10) Kelly is in a solid position right now
Judson Birza 21 11 (14) Really lovable guy, but he’ll be picked off at some point
Jane Bright 56 12 (13) Smart idea clinging to the kids, hopefully that takes her to merge
NaOnka Mixon 27 13 (11) She quit on her team, she needs to go
Yve Rojas 41 14 (8) Only one to vote with Tyrone, Yve may be next out 🙁
Dan Lembo 63 15 (16) Shockingly still chugging along
Tyrone Davis 42 16 (2) Week 5 FAIL
Jimmy T 48 17 (14) Week 4 FAIL
Jimmy Johnson 67 18 (16) Week 3 FAIL
Shannon Elkins 30 19 (9) Week 2 FAIL!
Wendy Kohlhoff 48 20 Week 1 FAIL!

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  1. Suriviorness says:

    Disagree with you on Kelly B. She may have gone a little farther, but she is still behind Brenda, Fabio, Sash, Purple Kelly, and Jane. She will be after Marty and Jill.

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