Survivor Power Rankings – Week 04

Survivor: Nicaragua Power Rankings

Very small movements in the rankings this week. I finally gave in and moved Brenda Lowe to the top spot because quite frankly, she’s the power player on either tribe right now. NaOnka is still dropping in the rankings, but everyone else remains roughly where they were.
Next week it appears teams are going to swap up, and if it’s no longer old vs young, all bets are off. Look for massive changes in the rankings after that.

(last weeks rank – Or their final rank before being evicted)

Name Age RK Notes
Brenda Lowe 27 1 (2) It’s time Brenda moves up to the top spot, she’s powerful in the game
Tyrone Davis 42 2 (1) With LaFlor winning, Tyrone won’t have the numbers to keep him on top
Matthew Lenahan 30 3 (4) Like Brenda, he’s a power player this season.
Jill Behm 43 4 (3) She’s in an alliance, is it very strong though?
Marty Piombo 48 5 (5) Like Jill, an alliance, but is it strong?
Chase Rice 24 6 (6) He’s kind of being left out there to dry
Ben Henry 24 7 (7) As long as LaFlor keeps winning, he has a shot
Yve Rojas 41 8 (8) Playing the quiet, under the radar role perfectly
Holly Hoffman 44 9 (10) Really rebounded from week 2
Kelly Shinn 20 10 (11) I think she’s going to play a big factor later on in the game
NaOnka Mixon 27 11 (9) I expect a blindside coming to her in the near future
Alina Wilson 21 12 (12) How long can her and Kelly Bruno dodge the bullets?
Jane Bright 56 13 (13) Like Yve, very good at under the radar game.
Judson Birza 21 14 (15) Aside falling, little to no Jud this week
Kelly Bruno 26 15 (16) NaOnka hates her for no reason, would win if final 3, still a long shot
Dan Lembo 63 16 (17) He can’t do challenges in mud, in the rain forest
Jimmy T 48 17 (14) Week 4 FAIL
Jimmy Johnson 67 18 (16) Week 3 FAIL
Shannon Elkins 30 19 (9) Week 2 FAIL!
Wendy Kohlhoff 48 20 Week 1 FAIL!

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