Kelly Purple Taking You Into The Survivor Power Rankings

Survivor: Nicaragua Power Rankings

Kelly purple making a weird faceFor the first time in many weeks, the entire tribe changed ranks, so that tells you this was a very important vote and a huge game changer, all started by the person in 2nd place right now, Holly Hoffman.

In a surprise, three of the original Espada members are in, and in good shape in the top 5 right now and don’t appear to be going any time soon. NaOnka likely shot herself in the foot by leaving the original “minority alliance” (her words not mine), backstabbing a jury member, and now essentially being a floater in the game. She still has an idol, but it won’t take long to flush it.

rankings after the jump:

(last weeks rank – Or their final rank before being evicted)

Name Age RK Notes
Ben Henry 24 1 (8) He definitely has the fight to win, and starting to get numbers back
Holly Hoffman 44 2 (7) Made a big play to get Brenda out, and didn’t take the blame for it
Jane Bright 56 3 (5) The outsiders broke up the power group, leaving Jane in better shape
Matthew Lenahan 30 4 (1) He should have given his idol to Brenda to keep the numbers
Dan Lembo 63 5 (9) More under the radar play from Dan
Judson Birza 21 6 (10) Fabio may actually be a sleeper and could surprise people
Chase Rice 24 7 (6) Hel’ll be with his best friend soon enough, in the jury
NaOnka Mixon 27 8 (3) She got rid of her protection, and the tribe is still upset at her
Kelly Shinn 20 9 (4) She had absolutely no clue what was going on this week.
Brenda Lowe 27 10 (2) 3rd Jury Member
Marty Piombo 48 11 (11) 2nd Jury Member
Alina Wilson 21 12 (11) 1st Jury Member
Jill Behm 43 13 (5) Week 7 FAIL
Yve Rojas 41 14 (14) Week 6b FAIL 🙁
Kelly Bruno 26 15 (7) Week 6a FAIL 🙁
Tyrone Davis 42 16 (2) Week 5 FAIL
Jimmy T 48 17 (14) Week 4 FAIL
Jimmy Johnson 67 18 (16) Week 3 FAIL
Shannon Elkins 30 19 (9) Week 2 FAIL!
Wendy Kohlhoff 48 20 Week 1 FAIL!

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