Meet the Contestant – Marty Piombo

Survivor Nicaragua Contestant:  Marty Piombo
Age: 48
Tribe: Espada

Survivor: Nicaragua

After listening to this guy speak for just a few minutes I want to buy whatever the fuck he sells.    I could be walking through a desert, approach Marty Piombo and he’d be able to sell me a truck load of sand instead of a glass of water.  He’s extremely well spoken and intelligent, and I think that’s going to carry him a long way through the game.  I instantly get a Tom Westman vibe from him, and can see why he was a former exec at Yahoo!.

Will he have the same success at Tom?  That’s going to be a tough one.  I think his intelligence and charisma will easily get him through the first many votes and likely through the merge with ease, however I still think La Flor will have the numbers at merge and it’ll be tough for Marty.  Eventually it’ll come out that he’s a former exec which will put a huge spotlight on the younger crowd and make him an instant threat and that’s when he’ll be gone.

However, if you do get voted off Marty, you have a place at The Junkies as a writer.  I hope you don’t mind not getting paid!

My odds of winning: 60-1

Marty Piombo video after the jump:

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