Meet the Contestant – Jimmy T

Survivor Nicaragua Contestant:  Jimmy T
Age: 48
Tribe: Espada


Jimmy T!  Already my favorite contestant.  How can you not like a fisherman from Gloucester, Mass?  Unless of course you’re not a fan of good ole Captain Billy Tyne


But I have a feeling Jimmy T will bring all the spunk of Billy, without the bad Boston accent.  I think he’s going to throw that team of oldies on his back and carry them through some of these challenges, then dive into the water and come out with two handfuls of fish and one in his mouth already eating it raw.

Sadly, I see Espada getting intimidated by Jimmy’s awesomeness and will try to get rid of him early, but he’s going to deal with them like he’s riding the Andrea Gail into a storm.


Oh wait, maybe he wants to re-think that one.  I’ll still look forward to seeing Jimmy Tyne (my new name for him) kick some ass this season, and hope it lasts all the way to the end!

My odds of winning: 75-1


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