Meet the Contestant – Jill Behm

Survivor Nicaragua Contestant: Jill Behm
Age: 43
Tribe: Espada

Survivor: Nicaragua Jill Behm

One of the hardest things to blog about are cast members who have yet to be on an episode, but going with the limited amount of info you can gather, Jill Behm seems like she could be a decent threat for the Espada tribe.    She’s an ER doctor, so naturally she’s going to be determined and intelligent.  She’s a mom, so she’s going to have some patience with the rest of the team, and she’s very fit so athletic challenges shouldn’t be a problem.

Being an ER doctor would also come in handy should she have someone like poor James on her team


Also, one of her pet peeves is smoking.  It’s a good thing she chose Survivor and not Hells Kitchen


I think her tribe will recognize her as a pretty big threat and try to get rid of her early, but I can see her talking her way out of it and scheming something different and definitely making it post-merge.

My odds of winning: 45-1


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  2. Suriviorness says:

    I really liked her. 🙁 If she had stayed on Espada, then she would have made it to the merge and possibly even farther.

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