Meet the Contestant – Jane Bright

Survivor Nicaragua Contestant:  Jane Bright
Age: 56
Tribe: Espada

Survivor: Nicaragua

Jane, oh Jane.   I really, really admire her courage and spirit here.  53 years old, rancher, and likely first to be eliminated from Survivor Nicaragua.    Hey, maybe she’ll shock us all and fly under the radar through many weeks, it wouldn’t be the first time that has happened in this game, but I have a strong feeling we’ll be seeing this former Best In Show winner sitting on the top row come reunion time.

This picture may be all she can hold on to regarding winning.  Sorry Jane 🙁


My odds of winning: 500-1

Tune in to Survivor Nicaragua on September 15th to see if I’m wrong

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  1. Suriviorness says:

    I loved her! 😀 Turns out you were extremely wrong.

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