Meet the Contestant – Holly Hoffman

Survivor Nicaragua Contestant: Holly Hoffman
Age: 44
Tribe: Espada

Survivor: Nicaragua Holly Hoffman

Meet Holly Hoffman, our second cast member to be featured from the over-40 tribe “Espada”, but looks to be in great shape and should be able to keep up La Flour tribe should she make merge.  She’s 44 and from South Dakota… hmm, why does Hoffman and South Dakota sound familiar?  Perhaps because she’s also the mother of Miss Teen USA contestant from South Dakota, Kelly Hoffman.


Ok, I didn’t watch any beauty pageants either, but I like to pretend i’m in the loop with certain things, and it was an excuse to show off the daughter.   Since i’m in the sharing mood, here is another of Kelly after the jump


I hope Holly makes it to the episode when a family member comes to help in a competition, and the reward is to hang out on a beach in bikinis, ahh one can dream.

Anyway, back to the actual Survivor contestant, Holly.   She seems grounded, fit, and intelligent, and I think can be a real threat to the game pre and post merge.    I think being a pageant mom inspires a killer instinct that could do her well in this game, only time will tell however.  I’m sure she’ll bring plenty of spunk to the tribe, and i’m excited to see.

My odds of winning: 55-1

Tune into Survivor: Nicaragua on September 15th to see how Holly and the other cast members do!


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  2. Suriviorness says:

    I wish she would have gone farther…

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