Meet the Contestant – Dan Lembo

Survivor Nicaragua Contestant:  Dan Lembo
Age: 63
Tribe: Espada

Survivor: Nicaragua Dan Lembo

And here we have our first contestant posted for the “Espada Tribe”, which is essentially the 40 and up crowd.  This season will be interesting with the young vs old format, and with guys like Dan I expect the Espada to be much more interesting to watch than “The Bachelor” tribe.  I mean serious, this guy is gonna cause some shit and entertain the hell out of us, and hopefully the tribe knows what’s good for ratings and keeps him in for awhile.  I mean who doesn’t love watching a 63 year old from New York City who has a huge scar down his knee like he’s seen some shit in his day?

However, he’ll probably come in like a know-it-all and the tribe will get frustrated early.  I predict he’d the 3rd one to go from the Espada tribe.

My odds of winning:  175-1

Sorry Dan, while i’m sure you’ll be entertaining, you won’t be able to back up what your mouth says and you’ll annoy everyone too soon.  Early exit for you.  Maybe 20 years ago you would have had a chance to win Survivor, but not now.  However, here is some video for you to enjoy.

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  1. Suriviorness says:

    Eh, unfortunately you were wrong. He stayed around for far longer than he ever should. Shall we list the victims; Jimmy T, Yve, Benry, Brenda, Marty, all of those people went home when Dan should have gone.

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