Meet the Contestant – Yve Rojas

Survivor Nicaragua Contestant:  Yve Rojas
Age: 41
Tribe: Espada

Survivor: Nicaragua

Ladies and Gentleman, after a week of grueling research (ie mostly getting my info from, we finally reached our last contestant, and it’s none other than Yve Rojas!  Who?  I don’t know either, but I guess she’s a singer of some sorts trying to make a name for herself.  She’s 41, has an amazing body (though she does seem to have a fake chest, point loss there), but she looks younger than Kelly Shinn! And for those wondering, her name is pronounced Evie, yes like the great Evie Garland!


Will Yve be stopping time and getting into wacky trouble in Nicaragua?  Only time will tell, but if you see her suddenly appear somewhere else, don’t be alarmed, but check your wallet.

I can tell my contestant list is nearing the end because my blogs have been getting worse and worse the more we have.   Just be happy there aren’t 40 contestants or you’d be witness to some really terrible blogging!

With my final prediction, I think she’s going to blink in using some alien shit, sing us the theme song to Out of This World, then blink out before we ever really got to know her.     Enjoy watching her while you can because I don’t think it will last very long.

My odds of winning: 125-1

yve_rojas2 survivor candidate