Meet the Contestant – Wendy Kohlhoff

Survivor Nicaragua Contestant:  Wendy Kohlhoff
Age: 48
Tribe: Espada

Survivor: Nicaragua

Watching her entrance interview, Wendy Kohlhoff seems easy to make fun of but also easy to like.  She’s a 48 year old former Army girl who got her inspiration from Private Benjamin, and decided one day, hey I want to be Goldie Hawn!  But since being a horrible actor full of botox who starred in a string of terrible movies was not an option, she decided joining the Army was the next best thing.   I must say though, it’s a good thing she watched Private Benjamin before Stripes!


Good choice, Wendy.  Good choice.

As far as the game goes, she’s going to be a hard one to predict.  She claims she’s nothing like Shambo, but I disagree and feel we’ll be drawing a lot of comparisons to her down the road.  I think she’s going to suffer the same fate too, just be a pawn until she’s thrown away.    I’m not even sure she’ll make merge because of that.

My odds of winning: 200-1


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