Meet the Contenstant – Tyrone Davis

Survivor Nicaragua Contestant:  Tyrone Davis
Age: 42
Tribe: Espada

Survivor: Nicaragua tyrone davis

Winding down our list of contestants, we meet one of the first real good guys in Tyrone Davis.  We’re talking Rupert, James, and Colby level of good guy.  He’s very much in shape, so he won’t have trouble in challenges, has a lot of life experience being shot at as well as being a firefighter as a profession, and has a solid personality.   I think we may be looking at one of the early favorites of Survivor Nicaragua, assuming he’s not blindsided or make a dumb move down the line.

However, I’m sure I’m not alone with this feel, so it’s also extremely possible how much of a threat he is and he’ll be a target early.   My prediction is that Tyrone easily makes it to merge because Espada won’t be able to afford to lose him, and then the egos from La Flor will have eaten away at the tribe enough for him to slip into the final 3.   Yes, I said it, final 3 candidate right here.   Book his plane ticket to NYC for the final show now. Pencil that shit in!

My odds of winning: 20-1