Let The Games Begin!

survivor nicaragua begins this wed

That’s right!   Granted it’s been only a few months since Sandra Diaz won a very exciting season of Survivor: Heroes vs Villains, the crew of Survivor will head to the beaches in south east Nicaragua to hopefully bring another exciting season to us.   I really liked the format of bringing in old cast members like Fans vs Favorites and Heroes vs Villains, but bringing in newcomers allows us to meet new people like Russell Hantz (love him or hate him), Sugar (as annoying as she is) and good ole Professor Bob Crowley.

This season they’re supposedly going to make the immunity idol “Russell Proof” (which is a sign he should have won one of his two seasons), and a new twist of a “Medallion of Power” which should make for some interesting strategy.   The medallion will give a team an advantage during immunity challenges, but will then go to the other team to use if they want during the next challenge.

The format this year is going to be Mactors (under 40) vs Fans (over 40), which should be interesting until we see 100 year old Jimmy Johnson doing challenges with a cane, but Professor Bob did prove it takes more than good looks and a young body to win, so you never know what will happen this year.

Tune in tonight at 8pm to kick off the season and come back here soon to check out recaps of the show!  I hope to be seeing a lot of you through the season and make sure to add us to your RSS feeder so you don’t miss an update!

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