Two More Enter Ponderosa

Brenda and Kelly Purple at PonderosaLife after the big exit still went on, and it was time to catch up with the girls at Ponderosa to see more of their less than appreciated bailing of the game.   Right away the doctor claimed that they were still very much fit enough to handle the rest of the season, but that didn’t matter because both girls decided they were proud of the way they went out and weren’t going to be convinced otherwise.   Sure, they lost some weight and they even acknowledged that by checking out their butts in the mirror commenting on how small they are (no shit), but everyone who left lost weight.

Brenda Lowe decided to play nice and have some type of sleepover with the girls where they stayed up all night in PJ’s having pillow fights before making out… oh wait that’s my imagination.  Alina on the other hand really took it hard and was nowhere to be seen when the quitters entered the resort.     For quitting, they got all the food they wanted and a nice luxury bag full of expensive things!

In part 2, Alina calmed down after the first night of avoiding everyone and joined the tribe for breakfast where they chatted a bit before being handed some cash to go spend in Granada.   Ponderosa looks like an amazing place and it would be almost tempting to join the show and quit as soon as you reach the jury so you can have as much time as possible at that great vacation spot.

A part of me wonders if that was the motive behind Kelly or NaOnka to be honest.  Of course I don’t think they went into the game to spend 28 days in a soggy jungle to get an 11 day vacation, but a thing Alina said in one of the first Ponderosa videos was that she was excited to look her best and make people jealous.   You can only imagine what went through those two girls heads as they come from a soaked camp full of mud and bugs only to see the jury all cleaned up and looking good.   That part of the game has to be a pretty big mind fuck to the contestants to deal with.  It’s one thing to see Jeff always clean but to see people who were down and dirty with you suddenly cleaned up and dry, that has to play a mental toll.

I’m not excusing them for quitting, but I can almost understand the mindset that goes on with them.  Anyway, where is part 2..

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