Better Know A Contestant – Kelly Shinn

Name:  Kelly Shinn
Show:  Survivor:Nicaragua

Kelly Shinn Football HelmetMeet Kelly Shinn, aka “Purple Kelly” due to having two Kelly’s on her tribe during her season of Survivor:Nicaragua (the other being Kelly Bruno).   She a 20 year old from Arizona, but current living in the beautiful Hawaii.  So far on the season of Survivor, she has been on the LaFlor tribe and in a very tight alliance with Brenda Lowe, and “Sash“, which should carry her pretty far in the game, minus any blindsides.     She hasn’t been a very quote-worthy player on the show, as nearly every show her only speaking time consists of her vote at tribal council (which doesn’t happen often).   Even Jeff, who is known to practically include everyone at tribal, rarely calls on her for her opinion.

Is this a good sign for her?   She is having the makings of a contestant you barely hear from until her one episode where the editing makes her seem all crazy and she get’s voted out, so if you suddenly see a Kelly Shinn heavy episode, and are a fan of hers, be very concerned.   Normally the producers like you to really get to know a) the finalists and b) really entertaining players, which Kelly appears to be neither.

To make up for her lack of speaking, I’ve included some photos of Kelly for her fans to enjoy after the jump

Kelly Shinn Reality Junkies Photo 2Kelly Shinn Reality Junkies Photo 3Kelly Shinn Reality Junkies Photo Her ButtKelly Shinn walking along beach Kelly shinn from survivor nicaragua

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