Meet the Contestant – Brenda Lowe

Survivor Nicaragua Contestant:  Brenda Lowe
Age: 27
Tribe: La Flour


Ahh, what season would be complete without the ethnic former professional cheerleader for the Miami Dolphins?  Wait, what?   Look, I like Survivor as much as the next guy (well, girl seeing as Mulari claims no guys watch Survivor but me), but do they go through the female casting by looking at head shots?

However, she seems to have a determined personality, advancing to the top of a selected sport, and owns a paddleboard company.  If she can mesh well with the tribe, I can see her doing well, possibly making it deeper into the merge, especially if she has a Parvati-flirt quality to her.

My odds of winning: 45-1

More photos after the jump:

Brenda Lowe Photo 1

Brenda Lowe Cheerleader

Brenda Lowe Survivor

Brenda Lowe Bikini


  1. Kevin Keehn says:


    Let’s fuck!

  2. RGnn says:

    I liked Brenda during most of the show – she certainly is easy to look at. But her comments over the past two weeks, one about Chase not being an “Alpha Male” and that he irritated her (what did he do but try to talk to her?), and her comments about how great she and her ally were compared to everyone else, made me want to see the snooty witch get voted out.
    Too bad the hot chicks are so conceited.

  3. stevebeans says:

    Yea she certainly did start sounding a lot worse recently

  4. guenter says:

    i like your video clips , because you are a beautifull nature woman and model and i like specially your smile..

    kind lovely regards from guenter weig

  5. Suriviorness says:

    It’s a good thing she wss voted off. She could have been a serious threat later on. I simply dislike her because she got rid of Jill. 🙁

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