Better Know A Contestant: Brenda Lowe

Since there are many slow days in the world of Reality TV, we’re always looking for new ways to bring you entertainment when we’re not doing reviews, power rankings, or spreading gossip about Teen Mom.  If you have any suggestions, feel free to contact us with any ideas or tips 🙂

One thing I’ll occasionally do is try to get to know contestants better through photos, stories, and with some, actual one on one interviews (I do have a few lined up)

This is going to be a weak entry considering this isn’t an interview, and she’s still in the game of Survivor, but hopefully this segment will gain in content and substance in the future:

Contestant Name:  Brenda Lowe
Show: Survivor: Nicaragua

Brenda Lowe in the waterBrenda Lowe is the 27, soon to be 28 year old leader of the pack on this years Survivor: Nicaragua.    She is the owner of a company called Paddlelboard Miami, and has a pretty busy history as well.   She has been a wildly popular contestant on the show so far with a huge male following, and a huge part of that is due to her ethnicity, which is half Chinese and half Bolivian.

She spent 2 years as a Miami Dolphins Cheerleader:

Brenda Lowe Miami Dolphins

And then spent some time as a game show host on a Spanish television network called “What Say The People” (translated to English)

Brenda Lowe Host Of Her ShowAnd has also spent a considerable amount of time traveling the world:

Brenda Great Wall

Brenda Lowe On A HorseSo really, between her past and current experiences, it’s not at all a shock to see her succeed so far on the show Survivor, where contestants like Parvati Shallow can get very far in the game using charm, looks and flirting.   Brenda has already admitted that flirting will be a huge part of her game, and has shown that since day 1 when she got in an alliance with Chase Rice, then got in a strong 5 person alliance with Sash, Chase, NaOnka, and Kelly Shinn.   Of course, this week the teams will switch up, but it won’t be a shock to see Brenda use her life skills to keep advancing in the game.

I’m sure I’ll be checking back with Brenda Lowe as the season progresses because I feel she’s going to be in it for the long haul, I’m also going to try and score and interview with her when the season is over, so be sure to bookmark us and check back often!

Here are a few more images of Brenda:


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