Storage Wars Profile: Dave Hester

storage wars dave hesterThe new season of Storage Wars began last week, which resulted in a lot of questions about the cast of the show, so I thought it would be a good idea to profile the main players in the storage locker bidding world.

I am going to begin with the man everyone loves to hate: Dave Hester.  I chose Dave first simply because – love him or hate him – he’s quickly becoming one of the most recognized people from the show.   He is clearly the smartest bidder of the bunch, and runs a very successful consignment shop out of Costa Mesa, CA (no doubt helped by the exposure from the show).

(For those who don’t know, his shop differs from a regular thrift store as people basically put stuff in his shop to sell and don’t get money until it does.   I guess similar to a real life Ebay, without the bidding.  That’s the best way I can describe consignment)

On the show, Dave rubs his competitors the wrong way on a daily basis, with his last minute bids, and clear attempts to simply drive up the cost of lockers.   He will come out of nowhere to use his catch phrase “Yuuuup” which really gets in the heads of people bidding because once they hear that, they usually know there is either something in the locker worth getting, or they’re being duped.. either way, hearing “Yuuup” knows they will probably have to pay a few hundred more than they wanted to spend.

He is by far the top player of the show, as last season he spent $20.9k (9k more than his next bidder, Darrell), but made $144k in sales for a whopping $6.88 made per dollar he spent. (source: Wikipedia)

On a personal level, I’m torn on Dave.  He is a fantastic businessman, so you have to respect that, but there is no doubt he can be frustrating to watch.  Most of us have been involved in auctions on some level, and there was always that person who has to jump in at the last minute to drive up your price.  That’s Dave Hester.

Is he frustrating? Yes.  Is he annoying?  At times.  Would Storage Wars be a successful show without him?  I doubt it.


  1. MKS says:

    You know I love the new realm of reality shows. Unfortunately, those with out a protagonist struggle to survive. I think the viewer loves the tension and without the tension the show would be less interesting for sure.

  2. MKS says:

    What is a show worth without a good protagonist? You got to have it!

  3. I love Dave, but he kind of takes some of the fun out of the show in that he is so far a step ahead of everyone else it takes some suspense out of who will win each week.

    As we know he will almost always make a profit, and a good one.

  4. pete says:

    I can’t stand Dave,he has little man syndrom. I don’t think he makes half the money he say’s he does. He evaluates all the items him self and all his prices are if the item was new. The one time he found 2 guitars and said they were woth 600 a piece, ha, he would be lucky if he got 50 bucks each. He just doesn’t want to look like he looses any money but he does at every auction !

  5. LINDA MENDEZ says:

    I love watching Dave. His self confidence makes me very atractive.
    I would be excited just meeting him in person. Wonder if he hangs out on any of his businesses.
    Love you Dave !!

  6. LINDA MENDEZ says:

    Dave,your character shows the kind of men you are.
    You make the show worth watching.

  7. LINDA says:

    I love Dave! he is a very charismatic man, his confidence is really attractive…

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