ABC is running out of ideas


What happens when Dancing with the Stars is over for the season?  ABC asked themselves that same question.  Then someone got a brilliant idea for which they probably received a raise.  “Let’s put these stars on ice skates!”  Hmm, sounds familiar.  Oh, yeah!  Anyone remember Skating with Celebrities from a few years ago?  What Skating with the Stars will do is take some out of work celebrities that everyone has forgotten about and pair them up with “world class ice skaters.”  The cast of Skating with the Stars will be revealed on the November 2nd Dancing with the Stars results show.

Personally, I think they should take this one step further and make it hockey skates.  It would be interesting to see what a bunch of frustrated has-beens would do with ice, skates, and hockey sticks.  As for Skating with the Stars?  You bet I’m going to watch it!

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