Meet the Contestant: Rebecca Budig

Name: Rebecca Budig
Age: 37
Claim to Fame: Greenlee Smythe on All My Children

Rebecca Budig first made her appearance on Aerosmith’s music video Living on the Edge, then later appeared briefly in Batman Forever, before landing a role on Guiding Light and then All My Children.  Rebecca was previously contacted to appear on Dancing With the Stars, but the timing was never right.  Maybe she was just holding out for a skating version, thinking her tiny 5′ 1″ frame will give her an advantage.  Maybe that’s just pure speculation on my part and holds no basis in truth.  Rebecca being the youngest of 8 children, I will be expecting a lot of temper tantrums though, and those are always fun to watch.

Skating With the Stars premieres November 22, 2010!

More photos of Rebecca after the jump:

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