TLC Gets 6 Legs Up On A&E

TLC and A&E have been going back and forth over the years to document just how doomed we are as a species, and TLC just took the gloves off with a show that will put Bill Henrickson to shame.


Yes Bill, your wives may be hotter, but you just can’t compete with Kody Brown and his soon to be 4 wives and 13 kids from Utah.

They’ll be the next TLC superstars, as they’re already in the works of producing “I love my mommies” and “My dad really, really, really likes sex” t-shirts printed up.  Once America has been swept up in Kody Brown and his Sister Wives madness, it’s only a matter of time till Mulari is writing him into the lineup of the next Dancing With The Stars


Tune in to TLC on Sunday, September 26th to start the official beginning of the end of A&E.  TLC just stomped them with this.

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