Repo Games, More Scripted Reality?

I don’t know what to make of this new show on Spike TV called Repo Games.   I’m not a fan of repo-men, although not the person specifically (they’re just doing a job to live), but the act in general.  It sucks for everyone involved to repossess a car, except for the banks of course because they find a way to never lose.

Anyway, I decided to  give this show a shot, and I was mixed while watching it.  It was good to see people earn their cars back, although they even admitted what they learned is that if you don’t pay your bills, someone will bail you out, but then it sucked watching those who lost.   Complete mindfuck of a show for that reason, I didn’t know to be happy or sad for the people, until I saw Mr Darwin try to bolt from his back door, jump in his Mustang and take off.   This completely changed my opinion of the show because last time I checked….

…people don’t generally sit around their house with a black strip of tape on their baseball caps covering any logos that can’t be on tv.   So what type of show is this?  A game show where people can really lose or win their cars then jump on the hood and have sex with it (with their buttcracks hanging out of course), or just another cheap reality show where everything is scripted and staged?

I mean it was definitely entertaining to see some huge guy pull up on the lawn and basically tell the repo-man that there is no way he was taking the van, but now I wonder if that was all just an act done for dramatic purposes.

When I finally decide it’s just a scripted reality show, I then read this article claiming the crew was shot at during one of the repo attempts.  Mind fucked again.    Making love to the hood of a car, or even crying like poor “doughnuts” did can be staged, but did they take it to the next level here, or is this show for real?  But it still doesn’t explain the tape on the cap..

The biggest question is, why can’t I stop analyzing stuff and just enjoy tv shows?

Anwyay, what do you guys think about the show Repo Games – staged, real, dumb, good?  Let’s hear it!


  1. alex says:

    show is fake as fuck. you can just tell by watching the previews that at least some of it is staged. you can actually see the bad acting.

    • therealdeal says:

      You are so wrong…In fact it’s the only real REPO show on tv…..Look up the shooting..REPO GAMES shooting Las Vegas….Carlos Barron the shooter and you will see it’s the real deal

  2. bri says:

    Of course some of it is staged. Just like pawn stars. They have to make sure the person is home and wants to participate before they film. So they get their permission and then act like they are suprised when they open the door and see a camera man. As for jumping on the car and having sex with it I’m sure the producer says if you win/lose you should be do something dramatic to have a better chance of getting on tv. But I doubt they give them a script and tell them what to do

  3. Josh says:

    Its (most likely) a staged reality type show, I feel those are the real people that are getting repo-ed, but like you said with the hat logo being covered, they do stage some parts when necessary. With any game show, or tv show where someone appears they have to be briefed on whats going on, that obviously happens before they can air it. So in general its a made-for-tv game show, where normal game shows are edited afterwards, they cut and stage what they need to to make it seem like its really happening. As far as the game show part of it, its probably as real as it gets with tv. With the normal editing after the fact and taking care of issues in between, not quite the completely staged “based of reality” operation repo tho.

    If you stop to think about it, a lot of shows do stuff like this, it can slip the mind cus were so used to it.

  4. Sarah says:

    You people are way way way to determined to find out every little thing if its fake or staged or whatever do you people not have lives? These are television shows you dolts there for entertainment purposes nothing more. Who cares if its staged did you enjoy it yes or no? thats what matters. I bet you all cant enjoy anything because your to damn busy putting shows under a microscope to decide if you are really entertained. Relax take a deep breath and turn on the tv for relaxation and entertainment. if you want to dismantle every little thing become a scientist and do something positive for people. This is pointless, erroneous and total BS. you all need to get a life.

    • Jennifer says:

      Obviously you don’t have much of a life either if you have time to sit around look this up and comment on this bs! People like you make me laugh because you sit here and talk shit about people having no lives but your sitting here commenting about the same nonsense. You just made yourself look stupid. Your probably the type of person that sits at home surfing the web looking for things to comment on to make you feel better about your sorry life.

    • SarahIsDumb says:

      Sarah, your grammar is terrible and you obviously do not possess a very fulfilling life either seeing as how you have time to go on lengthy rants about other people’s supposedly pathetic lives. You probably suck as a person and no one will ever love you.

  5. Ryan says:

    I second the love for Jen!

  6. Chickie says:

    Obviously it’s real since the repo guys got shot at and it was on every new station so all those who said it was fake: How does it feel to be wrong? Probably again.

    • stevebeans says:


      Well, to be fair, the guy who shot at the crew was a crazy neighbor and was unrelated to the show. I tend to agree with Josh that it’s more of a staged show, like a game show of sorts.

      Are they real repo men, and do they really keep the cars if they’re wrong? That’s a question.. but I’m pretty sure the stealth approach part is all staged.

      I could be wrong though. The guy who let his daughter play probably would have wanted to be home for that if he knew.

      Perhaps they come, and if someone does something crazy like run out to the car, they just re-create it using tape on their hats, but other than that it’s real? Hard to say

  7. Dave says:

    This show sucks… Is Spike SO desperate for viewers that they have to exploit peoples misery? Bad enough that their car is being repo’d… but they have to attempt to humiliate people too? Win or Lose…

  8. Ellsswhere says:

    Shows that have anyone from the general public are staged to an extent, I just came here to find out how much.
    I know someone that was on the show ‘house hunters’ The way they did that show was, you already have your contract signed for the house you are buying, then a Realtor finds other houses to look at, they tape the buyer and realtor looking at the various homes including the one you already signed for, the payoff for being on the show was face time on tv and 1,000$

    I would assume this is done the same way because all the people seem genuine and crazy enough to not be actors. Their vehicles also look crappy enough to be nearly payed off anyway. So there is most likely a phone call or house visit to make sure the person is ‘exciting’ enough to be on the show. Then they are offered a grand or so to do it, a win – win because they can still pay off the vehicle even if they ‘lose’ and as long as the people do interesting stuff on the day of taping you have a TV show.

    It sucks cus in your mind as you watch it you know, to have this many interesting moments caught on camera you would have to repo 10x the amount we see to get those select few who even want to be on tv (most people I know would be embarrassed about getting repo’d and dont want their friends and family to know) let alone be as crazy as these people. Damn you reality for not being this entertaining in real life.

  9. tcasholle says:

    the show is fake. The Guy won his car back so he decided to take his shirt off. And under his shirt was a microphone wire. Come on now.

    • matthias9 says:

      Nonsense. After they get the subject agree, they take time out to get them to sign a contract, microphone them, etc. Maybe the show IS fake, but your “evidence” is worthless. Maybe if they had a microphone on already when they answer the door, you’d have something. But, not when they win.

    • therealdeal says:

      At the inital contact the person has no idea of the game show, all they know is their car is up for repossession. Once they have agreed to play the game is when they “have” to be mic-ed up. Do you know anything about tv? TV shows, audio, camera work?

  10. Eddie Flynn says:

    This show is 100% fake. They hire background actors to play the contestants and paid non-union rate for one day of work. If you work background alot in the l.a. area you would recognize a lot of the contestants from working other shows.

  11. April says:

    I watched storage wars one night and noticed that the boxes in a storage unit was taped and boxed up…the next clip they where down and not taped up. It was like that for about 4 clips. Yeah! It’s bullsh*t!

  12. Xioian says:

    Is funny because as I was reading this “doughnuts” appeared lol

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