Lindsay Lohan Admits The Obvious

Lindsay Likes Her Drugs

Yes, Lindsay, you are quite the work in progress all right lol.   I wasn’t sure if I should post this here since she’s a failed movie “star”, but hey it’s a slow news night in the reality world and Lindsay Lohan decided to use Twitter as her confessional on a (likely) drunk friday evening.   I’m sure she’ll say she was hacked tomorrow when she sobers up, but it’s some good stuff for tonight.

I’d like to feel bad for her, I really would, but she’s been given so many chances in life, and she takes every one and fucks it up.    She was in rehab for a period, left early and what, within a month is doing drugs again?  That’s what rehab is for!   She had yet another chance to get clean, but people pulled some strings for poor Lohan and got her out of jail and rehab early.   What a joke.  So if this is her friday night confessional, this is my friday night rant.   Screw Lindsay Lohan, I hope she never acts again.

Larger image of this trainwreck’s drunkin confession after the jump

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