Lack Of Updates Update!

Any regular visitor to the site has noticed a severe lack of updates lately, but that is due to website issues over the past week or so.  Last week I woke up to a surprise “Account Suspended” when I tried to check on the site, and immediately had to take some action!   It turns out, the computer where the website is being stored was also shared with some spammer sites which got the entire computer shut down.

This immediately set me into a panic because I couldn’t have the blog being shut down randomly during something like a Survivor finale, so I spent the better part of the last week finding a new place to host the website, where hopefully I won’t have that problem in the future.    I know you junkies need your fix, and I didn’t want to let you down, so we should be good to go from now on.

We have a lot in store in the upcoming months with The Amazing Race 18, Survivor Redemption IslandKitchen Nightmares, and Teen Mom to blog about, plus exclusive interviews with Vicki from The Amazing Race 17, and Nona who won Hell’s Kitchen.   Make sure to keep checking back and like us on Facebook or Twitter to get instant updates!

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