What Are These New Crazy Green Links In Posts??

If you’re a regular Junky, you’ll probably have noticed something new today, links in the middle of posts that are double underlined green.   Do not be frightened, they have not come to eat your computer or kidnap your first born.  They are simply a non-intrusive way to ad small bits of advertising to the site without flooding you with annoying pop-ups or crazy huge ads that cover the screen and make you search for a tiny little ‘x’ to get it off.

We hate those type of ads, and are doing anything possible to avoid them while still paying for the hosting of the site so we can continue to bring you our witty and sometimes not so witty recaps on the shows we love to hate.   I am by no means encouraging clicking on the green links randomly, but if you happen to see one that is relevant to your interests, feel free to mouse it over, and click on through.  This is a win-win as we get a little coffee money and the advertisers get a relevant click.

Keep in mind, anything you see added to this site in terms of profit making turns my stomach and I wish I didn’t have to do it, so I tread lightly on adding anything new, and when I do, I try to make it look like it’s been part of the site forever.  Nothing is worse than some huge ass ugly banner that has no place on a page.   I will also be pimping out the occasional amazon deal because a) sometimes you may not know about it, and b) this is another win-win for the site and the viewer. People shop at Amazon anyway, may as well do it through your favorite site!

Here is the link to shop at Amazon through us

And be ready, Hell’s Kitchen and Survivor is on tonight!  Season finale of Survivor is also on Sunday.  Boy does time fly 🙁  I’m not sure what I’ll be doing in the brief off-season, perhaps looking for more reality shows to mock!

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