Seriously Bro, Relax


I started watching MasterChef later in the season, so I really have no clue about the format other than it tries hard to not be Hells Kitchen while still being a cooking show, until of course they do team matches and even do Red and Blue teams, but whatever.

One thing that annoys me on the show is the judge Joe Bastianich.  Sure, you may own like a thousand wineries and restaurants, so I’m sure you have your credentials, but enough with the dick act.  Just because Gordon Ramsey is actually pretty nice on the show doesn’t mean  you have to step in as the token douchebag on the show.  We get it, you’re trying to make a name for yourself like Ramsey did a few years back when Hells Kitchen first came out, but the spot for a cooking host who isn’t scared to speak his mind has been filled, and he stands next to you every episode.


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