Erryn Cobb Makes His First Appearance On Master Chef – Promptly Gets Booted

Erryn Cobb from MasterchefBecause I’m in love with my DVR, I tend to watch a lot of shows a day late, so while I know Master Chef is recording right now, I am blogging about last night’s episode because, well, I finally got around to watching it.

There are only a few shows I turn in roughly 15 minutes after it starts (to still prevent commercials!), and Master Chef is not one of them. It’s not a bad show, but it definitely doesn’t have the ‘wow factor’ to have me craving it as soon as it’s on.

The drama this season has been completely absurd with Max having a rivalry with half the contestants, then Suzy looking absolutely obnoxious, and now we’re going through the Christian phase.  Like Suzy, there will be some drama with him that night, he’ll act up, be put in his place, and we won’t hear from it again.

Despite the editing to make these guys appear annoying, the cast has been pretty enjoyable for the most part.  Derrick appears genuinely humble, Christine is always entertaining – especially after a few drinks, and Giuseppe seems like a great guy.   That being said, there have been a few invisible people this season, and they’re being slowly eliminated.

That brings us to Erryn Cobb, who finally had more than 2 seconds of speaking time this season, and anyone who has watched this show before knows that’s probably not a good sign when that happens (if they’re not one of the personalities of the show).

During the very creepy aphrodisiac segment of the episode (including Graham Elliot talking about going to 3rd base with a soup), Erryn completely screwed up his dish and had about 5 minutes to correct it.  Needless to say, the judges were less than thrilled when he gave them a plate with a few strips of meat and a few vegetables that had only a little bit of the $500 truffle inside it.

Despite the predictable scare to Jennifer and putting her in the bottom 3, Erryn was sent packing before he really got to be on the show. I know the editing can easily make a dickhead look amazing, and a great person look like shit, but the way Erryn handled his exit was truly one of the classier things we’ve seen on a reality show.  If that was edited properly, and he really did ‘take it like a man’, I applaud him for being a rare breed of class on these shows, and miss the dying breed that is an Erryn Cobb.

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