MTV Poll – Do You Think The Situation Has Done Steroids?

So there was this poll on MTV’s blog about The Situation and whether or not he’s ever done steroids in the past.

The Situation SteroidsMaybe I’m clueless, but that doesn’t really look like a juice head, in fact it looks more like the body of a guy who doesn’t even work out, but gets fit doing construction or something.   The guy is constantly jerking off over his abs, and even pointing to them in the picture, but again, maybe I’m blind, but what is he pointing at? It looks like he’s sucking in a small beer gut after a long night of partying.

I’m not trying to bash on the guy, shit, I’m in no position to do so, I’m a freakin slob.  I just think it’s funny how both he and MTV make him out to be some jacked juice head who can barely walk because of his ripped muscles everywhere.   Has he tried steroids in the past?   Who really cares?  Last I checked, this isn’t MLB, and it isn’t against the rules of being a douchebag to have juiced up, in fact, I think it’s encouraged.  So even if he has, I don’t think they’ll strip away all his records of trashy girls he banged, or STD’s he acquired.

If you really care about voting on whether or not he’s stuck stuff up his butt..  needles of course… vote here at

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