Trevor’s Salad Tossing Power Rankings For Hell’s Kitchen

Hell’s Kitchen Power Rankings

Here we go with the weekly Hell’s Kitchen Power Rankings after the jump, but first here is a random picture of Trevor tossing Sabrina’s salad…

Trev tossing Sabrina's salad (hee hee)

First week with black jackets, and not much changed and no real surprises happened aside everyone pretty much sucking. This was a week of who sucked less, and while I think Sabrina should have probably remained in for one or two more weeks, her attitude finally sent her packing as Ramsay couldn’t take it any more.

On to the rankings!

(last weeks rank – Or their final rank before being evicted)

Name Team RK Notes
Russell Kook BLACK 1 (2) Back up top, can’t deny Kook is a good cook
Jillian Flathers BLACK 2 (1) Not a great week for most bumped Jillian from top spot
Gail Novenario BLACK 3 (3) Gail almost thrown under the bus by Sabrina, but survived.. for now
Nona Sivley BLACK 4 (4) Nona was very safe being out of the kitchen for the night
Trev McGrath BLACK 5 (6) Trevor doesn’t have much time left in the kitchen
Sabrina Brimhall BLACK 6 (5) Week 11 FAIL!
Vinny Acardi BLUE 7 (4) Week 10 FAIL!
Rob McCue BLUE 8 (7) Week 9 FAIL!
Boris Poleschuk BLUE 9 (9) Week 8 FAIL! (no elimin week 7)
Melissa Doney RED 10 (5) Week 6 FAIL!
Emily Kutchins RED 11 (11) Week 5 FAIL! (Bye Cleavage!)
Louis Repucci BLUE 12 (2) Week 4 FAIL!
Raj Brandston BLUE 13 (13) Week 3 FAIL!
Lewis Curtis BLUE 14 (-) Week 2 FAIL!
Lisa LaFranca RED 15 (-) Week 1 FAIL!
Antonia Boregman RED 16 (-) Week 1 FAIL! (Injury Removal)

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