Hell’s Kitchen Power Rankings – Week 04

Hell’s Kitchen Power Rankings

2 episodes a week makes it tougher to label rankings. Is it really week 4 or week 2? I’m going to pretend each episode is a week so that’s that.

Big shake-up in the rankings these past 2 weeks. Vinny shot up in the ranks, Sabrina took a big dive, and Jillian lost her top spot.

(last weeks rank – Or their final rank before being evicted)

Name Age RK Notes
Russell Kook BLUE 1 (4) Usually those who aren’t screamed at by Ramsay are likely to make it far
Jillian Flathers RED 2 (1) Seems like a good cook, but does she have the maturity to win?
Vinny Acardi BLUE 3 (10) Vinny was able to avoid the backlash from last week, looks good now
Gail Novenario RED 4 (7) May space out on occasion, but seems to be a fairly strong cook
Melissa Doney RED 5 (5) Had a few struggles in the kitchen these past 2 weeks
Nona Sivley RED 6 (9) Aside the snoring, she’s been doing well in the kitchen
Rob McCue BLUE 7 (3) Getting sent out to eat your own food is never a good sign
Boris Poleschuk BLUE 8 (8) Oh Boris, you can’t just start washing dishes mid service, buddy
Sabrina Brimhall RED 9 (6) Far too immature to win it all. She may make it a few more weeks but that’s it
Emily Kutchins RED 10 (11) Maybe her cleavage will be the only way to save her because her cooking won’t
Trev McGrath BLUE 11 (12) After this, I think he needs to take some Anger Management classes
Louis Repucci BLUE 12 (2) Week 4 FAIL!
Raj Brandston BLUE 13 (13) Week 3 FAIL!
Lewis Curtis BLUE 14 (-) Week 2 FAIL!
Lisa LaFranca RED 15 (-) Week 1 FAIL!
Antonia Boregman RED 16 (-) Week 1 FAIL! (Injury Removal)


  1. Christine says:

    Jillian seems to know more than most of the chefs

  2. stevebeans says:

    Yea, she’s definitely skilled. I can see her going down to the final 3-4 because of that. Hopefully she’s mature enough to win.

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