Hells Kitchen Power Rankings Week 01 & 02

Hells Kitchen Power Rankings

Welcome to the first Hells Kitchen Power Rankings. There were 2 episodes one week, so we’re going to call them week 1 and week 2, hopefully they only stick with 1 per week from here on out.

(last weeks rank – Or their final rank before being evicted)

Name Age RK Notes
Jillian Flathers RED 1 (-) Doesn’t need eyebrows to be able to cook I guess
Louis Repucci BLUE 2 (-) Could be very strong down the line
Rob McCue BLUE 3 (-) Solid first 2 weeks for Rob
Russell Kook BLUE 4 (-) How can you not be a chef with that last name?
Melissa Doney RED 5 (-) Best way to make it far is having quiet weeks
Sabrina Brimhall RED 6 (-) This seasons Autumn. Can cook, but nobody likes her
Gail Novenario RED 7 (-) Can’t make sushi but seems ok in the kitchen otherwise
Boris Poleschuk BLUE 8 (-) A little shakey to start his HK career.
Nona Sivley RED 9 (-) We know that she snores
Vinny Acardi BLUE 10 (-) Ramsay is royally pissed at him, but seems to be able to cook.
Emily Kutchins RED 11 (-) Her cleavage won’t help her with Ramsay
Trev McGrath BLUE 12 (-) Come on man, how hard can salad be?
Raj Brandston BLUE 13 (-) Will be strung along for entertainment only
Lewis Curtis BLUE 14 (-) Week 2 FAIL!
Lisa LaFranca RED 15 (-) Week 1 FAIL!
Antonia Boregman RED 16 (-) Week 1 FAIL! (Injury Removal)

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