Hell’s Kitchen Power Rankings Featuring Paris Hilton

Hell’s Kitchen Power Rankings

Here we go with the weekly Hell’s Kitchen Power Rankings after the jump, but first here is a random picture of Paris Hilton who will do anything she can to be on TV, even if it’s in night-vision.

paris hilton in hells kitchen

Sorry for the late rankings, the holiday had us behind in the shows so it took awhile to get this out. Excuses, excuses.. I know. Nona and Jillian swapped positions and Trevor moved up by default with the booting of Gail, which was a little shocker to me. I didn’t expect to see her in the final 2, but really thought Trev would have gone home first. I’ll be shocked if he’s on the list next week, but stranger things have happened.

On to the rankings!

(last weeks rank – Or their final rank before being evicted)

Name Team RK Notes
Russell Kook BLACK 1 (1) Being too fancy on roach coach can’t knock him down
Nona Sivley BLACK 2 (4) Nona is coming on strong the more the season progresses
Jillian Flathers BLACK 3 (2) Jillian might just miss the cut to the final 2
Trev McGrath BLACK 4 (5) Trevor is really toughing it out in the kitchen
Gail Novenario BLACK 5 (3) Week 12 FAIL!
Sabrina Brimhall BLACK 6 (5) Week 11 FAIL!
Vinny Acardi BLUE 7 (4) Week 10 FAIL!
Rob McCue BLUE 8 (7) Week 9 FAIL!
Boris Poleschuk BLUE 9 (9) Week 8 FAIL! (no elimin week 7)
Melissa Doney RED 10 (5) Week 6 FAIL!
Emily Kutchins RED 11 (11) Week 5 FAIL! (Bye Cleavage!)
Louis Repucci BLUE 12 (2) Week 4 FAIL!
Raj Brandston BLUE 13 (13) Week 3 FAIL!
Lewis Curtis BLUE 14 (-) Week 2 FAIL!
Lisa LaFranca RED 15 (-) Week 1 FAIL!
Antonia Boregman RED 16 (-) Week 1 FAIL! (Injury Removal)

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