Hell’s Kitchen Power Rankings 10/8

Hell’s Kitchen Power Rankings

Top 4 remain the same, and probably will be the final 4 in the show. The bottom 5? Well, it’s basically a matter of when they go home, not if.

(last weeks rank – Or their final rank before being evicted)

Name Age RK Notes
Russell Kook BLUE 1 (1) Huge leadership shown, earns extra kiss-ass-points
Jillian Flathers RED 2 (2) A little concerned asking Trev for help, but still going strong
Vinny Acardi BLUE 3 (3) Another solid 2 weeks for the Vinster
Gail Novenario RED 4 (4) She could easily be 2nd on this list, should be in final 4
Rob McCue BLUE 5 (7) Movin’ on up. Makes a mean salad for a big guy
Nona Sivley RED 6 (6) Will she go home before Sabrina? Hard to say
Trev McGrath BLUE 7 (11) Found his voice, and had a great week, but he’s still a loose cannon
Sabrina Brimhall RED 8 (9) Wow, she’s just going crazy in there. Only a matter of time for her
Boris Poleschuk BLUE 9 (8) Only person keeping Sabrina from being last in the rankings
Melissa Doney RED 10 (5) Week 6 FAIL!
Emily Kutchins RED 11 (11) Week 5 FAIL! (Bye Cleavage!)
Louis Repucci BLUE 12 (2) Week 4 FAIL!
Raj Brandston BLUE 13 (13) Week 3 FAIL!
Lewis Curtis BLUE 14 (-) Week 2 FAIL!
Lisa LaFranca RED 15 (-) Week 1 FAIL!
Antonia Boregman RED 16 (-) Week 1 FAIL! (Injury Removal)

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