Hell’s Kitchen – It’s Like A Thong Leftover From A Night Out In Vegas

Watch out!  Russell is on the warpath!  He decides to make it his personal vendetta to bring Trev down, since Trev put him up on the chopping block.  Other than Rob, Trev had to choose between Russell and Vinny.  If he had put Vinny up, I have a strong feeling he wouldn’t have whined and cried like Russell did.  Everyone is out to get Russell.

The challenge for the day is a relay race cook-off!  Each team has to cook 3 entrees from the regular menu, but only one person from each team is allowed in the kitchen at a time.  They have 5 minutes to cook and when it’s time to change contestants, they have 15 seconds to communicate.  This challenge is basically all about communication,which we find out pretty quickly.

Sabrina throws the lobster in the boiling water right away, but Trev doesn’t cook the lobster and fails to tell Vinny that it isn’t cooked.  After a couple of rounds, their lobster still isn’t cooked, so once Vinny realizes this, he decides to just poach the tail, which makes me wonder if he ripped the tail off the live lobster.  Or maybe the lobster had dried out by now and was mummifying on the plate.

When it’s Gail’s turn to suffer the heat of the kitchen, she basically spaces out again.  She throws a few towels around, she reconsiders her plot to take over the world, she wonders what she’ll eat for breakfast the next day…but at least she didn’t start a fire this time.  She accomplishes nothing.  Even so, the Red Team seems to be doing well until Jillian drops the salmon on the floor at the last second, blaming a burned hand.  That flub cost them the challenge.  If the salmon hadn’t fallen on the floor, they would have won.

Sabrina Brimhall putting lobster in the pot

Augh! He's alive!

Their punishment is to carry in boxes since it’s delivery day, which seems kind of easy to me, but it does involve a lot of heavy lifting.  Better get to work, ladies!  The Blue Team‘s reward is a shopping spree at the cooking store Sur la table and lunch at Melisse, which is an amazing restaurant.  The most important thing…we don’t have to see Russell pout.  We get to see him gloat instead, which is almost as bad.

When they return to Hell’s Kitchen, sous chef Scott has a surprise for them.  They will be designing their own menus.  Each team has to come up with 4 appetizers, 4 entrees, and 4 desserts for dinner service.  On the Red Team, Sabrina once again expresses her love of lentils, but Gail, Jillian, and Nona pretty much ignore her.  Russell, on the Blue Team, isn’t faring any better.  Vinny and Trev are off and running on their own, despite Russell’s “great ideas.”

That night, while Russell is sleeping, there is a party in the hot tub.  It’s a party of two.  Vinny and Trev decide it’s a great idea to get drunk the night before a big dinner service.  I never understood why they do this on Hell’s Kitchen sometimes.  It never seems to go over very well.  Dinner service with a hangover.  No, thank you.  Russell catches wind of this (I’m guessing he heard Trev cackling, which was really funny) and eavesdrops on them before confronting them and going all ghetto on their asses.

Russell Kook

I feel left out! I'll just check out my guns to make myself feel better.

Dinner service!  Things don’t start out well for the Blue Team when everyone is order off of the Red Team’s menu and they’re left just twiddling their thumbs, waiting for an order to come in.  The Red Team starts out slow with Nona undercooking the risotto, but she quickly recovers and they’re now off to a strong start.  When the Blue Team finally gets orders, one of them is by the owner of Melisse, so the pressure is on.  Russell is doing really well, but Vinny on the meat station forgets to make the lamb.  When he finally gets the lamb cooked, it’s undercooked and Russell takes over.  Russell FAILS, as the lamb that was sent to the owner of Melisse is described as “horrible.”  Not as good as you thought you were, huh, Russell?  On the Red Team, Gail is the one messing up here.  She seems to be lobster-impaired as she messed up the lobster 6 times.  Yes, you read that right…6 times.  She gets kicked out of the kitchen.  Meanwhile, Sabrina is off in la la land before she land her spaceship back down on Earth and cooks the steak perfectly.  She’s been doing really well lately, for the most part.  On the Blue Team, Vinny is still making mistakes, this time with the bass.  He totally fell apart.

Vinny Acardi and Gail Novenario

Vinny and Gail up for elimination

When it’s time for the winning team to be announced, Chef Ramsay has a surprise!  Each person has to pick one to put up for elimination.  It’s every man for himself and the accusations are flying in the dorms as each contestant pleads his or her case.

Russell puts Vinny up, Vinny and Trev both put up Sabrina, and all the girls put up Trev.  But…it’s BLACK JACKET night!  Ramsay picks them off one by one to receive the coveted black jacket, until the only two left are Vinny and Gail.  This really shocks me, since I thought both of them were really good up until this point.  Ramsay gives Gail the final black jacket, which means Vinny is sent packing.  That makes me sad.  I liked Vinny.

Vinny Acardi leaving Hell's Kitchen

I'll miss you and your awesome hair

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